Wednesday, July 29, 2009

what's the 411 hun, I got it going on?

Hey Peeps! It's my 10 month birthday.

My mom has kind of hijacked this blog the last week or so and I'm pretty sure you guys must be bored with all her ranting so I've decided to put the focus back on me today.
We all know who the real star is here.
I know you are all probably wondering how "the Q" is doing, and I'm here to tell you

This last week I have really picked up my skills in walking, and now enjoy make the rounds around the couch and ottoman with ease.

Often times I do get distracted by a good tv show, but I think that is genetic.

I AM doing pretty awesome with balance though.
I'll be walking in no time, so mom better watch out.

I have gotten some new toys lately, and boy are they fun!
My mom realized how much I loved sesame street so she found this wonderfully obnoxious pop-up toy for me.

She must like to torture herself, cause I push these buttons constantly just so I can smile and dance to the songs sung by the characters.."c is for cookie...yum yum yum yum"

My best friend Clinton brought me this cool John Deere tractor set. I guess every kid in this small town has to own a tractor toy, but mine is especially cool cause it plays old mcdonald and the animals make noises.

it's hours of fun!

Of course I still love to put everything I see into my mouth

And am pretty excited that my speed skills have improved. Often times I can get something into my mouth before mom even knows what hit her. It's a really fun game. She keeps saying something like "nah nah nah" to me, as she shakes her finger...but I have no idea what she is saying so I just laugh.

But above all else, I love being close to my mom and my emily. They let me crawl all over them, and I love it. I am such a "wiggle worm", as my mom calls me, but I have so much energy I need to get it out.

And it works, cause boy do I get tired.
I am starting to take good naps now, and my mom seems to enjoy that.

Speaking of which I gotta catch some z's now......


Kimmy said...

Yes, I was beginning to wonder what happened to Qiana! It looks like she's as cute as ever, still stylish, and about to show up Elsie when it comes to walking. She's been busy!

Crisdee said...

Quiana is getting cuter by the second... You are doing a wonderful job with her!

melanie said...

Hijack the blog anytime Qiana! Hope you took a good nap!

Erin said...

what a cute girl you are!! Good job keeping your mom busy!!

Colleen said...

Can those eyelashes get any longer?! Her walking skills are awesome at 10 months, and so are those sweet chubby arms and legs that beg to be kissed! What a beautiful, sweet girl you have there!

Demitrius said...

LOL! I love how you wrote that. So cute! Love the shot of her from behind standing there in her little halter top and skirt. So sassy! She's gotta be the most fashionable 10 month old I know! Congrats on the 10 month mark Qiana!

Demitrius said...

P.S. That was me, Ashley, not Demy =)

lindsay>boo said...

Qiana is adorable..truly the star of the show.

I'm also very proud of you for losing weight. You are looking terrific.

Oh, and don't even get me started on the race thing. I'm sure it's a combination of living in a smallish town, surrounded by people who haven't had ANY diversity whatsoever in their lives...but I'm constantly barraged with idiotic people and their idiotic comments. From being dragged to the Asian aisle by strangers to get my take on products, being called a "colored girl" to being referred as "Special" {not in a good way}, it gets very annoying to say the least. Let's hope our generation of kids do better!!!

Cali said...

I love the hot pink halter top Qiana!

Lani said...

Dang that baby is cute! and you dress her so good! Love it! :)

Emily said...

Oh my little Qi Qi Dee! I love you too and all you wiggle worming glory!!!! Holy Crap 10 months old already!