Monday, November 23, 2009

Moving in and out of consciousness/subconsciousness. Faster, faster, faster thoughts scatter

a few randoms for monday...

I had been meaning to get Q's 1 year pictures done forever, but it seemed like with sickness, schedules, and what not it just didn't happen. Well on Friday melanie came over and we finally got it done. Oh but Q was such a was annoying. She turned into some high maintenance little baby and couldn't stand not being held. Very frustrating. I fed her m&m's, other food, water..anything to make her happy...but it was a task. Melanie thinks she was able to get enough good pictures to work with so it might not have been a total waste of time for her. I felt so bad. Q is usually a pretty good baby....although I think Melanie might think I have been lying about that. Here is a little sample of what melanie was able to capture...she hasn't done any retouching yet so I'm excited to see the end products of the shoot.

Saturday night was super fun! I got a babysitter and headed over to Ephrata to have dinner and do some karaoke with the ladies. We kind of rocked it! It was super fun, and was a great little break. We are hoping to make it a monthly "girls night"...we can't disappoint our fans! hahaha.

When I was down in Idaho a few weeks ago visiting kimmy I noticed this cute glass block art that she had on her entertainment center. I was super jealous, so we decided to get crafty and make a couple. The craft store didn't have any vinyl decals that I liked so I searched online and found these cute ones. The project was super easy (my kind of craft), and i think it turned out pretty cute. You just pick your color, dye your block, then attach your vinyl....way easy.

I have mentioned before how much Q loves music and lately it's become very apparent. She has a few toys that play some sort of music, and lately she has decided to carry them around like an old school boom box and push the buttons over and over again.

She just smiles and wiggles her little booty...such a crazy girl.

Must download:
Alicia Keys: "try sleeping with a broken heart"
Jason Mraz: "live high"
Jay Sean: "do you remember"
John Mayer: "who says"

Did anyone else watch the american music awards last night? Why is Rihanna making it so hard for me to like her right now. First she's this little island girl singing pon de replay...then good girl got bad, still innocent enough but a little hard...and now with her new album "rated r", a horrible haircolor and style, and a ridiculous tattoo from her neck down her chest...I just can't help but think she needs some sort of intervention.

I really want the globetrotters to win Amazing Race. I just think they are so funny, and it would so piss off the rest of the players....which is a bonus in my book.

Although most of you may consider "new moon" the most anticipated movie of the year...I am holding out my excitement for "Sherlock Holmes"...I like my Robert to be Downey Jr. not Pattinson thank you very much!


Kimmy said...

I feel like we just had a full conversation with each other. I love how your glass blocks turned out. You found such cute vinyl! Will download the songs tonight. :)

Jill said...

I like the globetrotters, I wouldn't mind if they won. The brothers drive me nuts with all the unnecessary yelling at each other. Love your glass blocks!

melanie said...

I noticed those cute glass block. What site did you order them off of?

The globetrotters are hilarious. The rope course this past week and when he wanted to shut Megan up from yelling Chayne so much was funny. I hope they win too.

Pattinson.... bleh.

Krystin said...

Dumb question, but what did you dye your glass blocks with?

angie said...

at craft warehouse they have a whole section of these blocks, lots of dyes, and decals.

I found my decals on etsy, there was a good selection on there.

oh, and I finally finished watching ama's..and I am so grateful they edited some of adam lambert's performance for the west coast feeds, cause even the amount I saw freaked me out.

lindsay>boo said...

Love your blocks. They turned out great!

Cute picture of Q. She's beautiful!

Oh, and with you on Robert Pattinson. When he took his shirt off, he looked more like a drug user than uber-hot sex symbol to me.

Jess said...

you have the cutest baby EVER!!! but you already knew that ;)I'm finally back to blogging & I love the new downloads...good tunes!! Also..I'M with ya on Rihanna, not the best choices on her part..