Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Join the cousins, will you? The sun is shining I can see...

My Daycare had to be closed on Monday, and I don't work fridays so with a 4 day weekend I headed out of town and down to Idaho to visit Kimmy and the crew.
Q did great in the car. It was out first trip with her forward facing, and not bottle fed. I stuffed her tummy before each trip, and while she slept most of the way, when she was awake she was either just sitting there looking out the window, babbling about some very important issues, or snacking on the goldfish crackers I would hand to her. Very successful roadtrip.

While most of our time with the crew was spent shopping and hanging out, I was fully entertained watching the interaction between these two.

Qiana was so fascinated with anything and everything Elsie was doing,

and Elsie was so cute with her.

Always taking care of her, playing with her, and helping me keep her entertained.

Plus, she would only act slightly annoyed when Q tried to "give her loves" aka: attack her, but was quick to laugh it off and give Q a smile.

They had so much fun playing together

That I couldn't stop taking pictures of them....and apparently Elsie wanted in on the action

and she helped me take this shot of Q

such a fun weekend...

Couple things about Q...she has now discover kitchen cabinets and gets into EVERYTHING. Luckily my mom had already installed the childproof closure on most of the cabinets in my kitchen...but apparently she makes herself at home wherever she goes.

Q has a doll that was leftover from one of the other kids. She rarely plays with it unless she sees me holding and then she smiles so big, laughs, and comes right over to give it kisses and take turn holding it.
Elsie had a doll too, and Q was playing with it. I thought it was so cute...

another sidenote...do you notice that with her freehand she is holding my foot. Q has to be next to be about 90% of the time, and touching me about 99% of that. Sometimes it feels like she just can't get close enough, and often just grinds her face right into mine. Is this normal? who knows, maybe it's the effects of a working mother...but I love her cuddles....well, most of the time.


Kimmy said...

I'll be taking every one of those pictures. You got some cute ones! Qiana is cute as can be and so pleasant to have around. I love her smile, her snuggles, everything!

Emily Katlyn West said...

My heart seriously melted seeing these pictures of Q and Elsie! I know this is what you hoped for that Q would be as tight with her cousins as you are with yours, I hope they continue to have cute moments!

Colleen said...

Qiana and Elsie will love having each other as cousins growing up! They are already so cute together!

lindsay>boo said...

Very cute! Love the pictures. Oh, and if it makes you feel any better, Chloe doesn't just like to cuddle with me, she likes to get as close to me as possible and will literally lay on my face.

Kacey Nielsen said...

Rhode is the EXACT same way. Scarlet wasn't but he really is just happiest if I will hold still in one spot so he can play in my immediate vicinity. I am just trying my hardest to be grateful for all the loves and cuddles and enjoy them while I can. But some days, I ditch him in front of a toy and hide out for a bit. Some much needed sanity time! If you find a better solution, pass it along.