Thursday, November 19, 2009

My only faith's in the broken bones and bruises I display...

It started out innocent enough. Qiana was being cute so I wanted to take a picture

...and then my innocent little girl switched into G.L.O.W. mode and made her way towards me. I kept the camera in one hand and tried to document the craziness that followed.

I grew up watching WWF wrestling, but nothing could prepare me for my first real wrestling match with a child.

Q was going crazy.

Doing the "mankind" on my mouth, laying her whole body across my mouth so I couldn't breath, jumping on my stomach, flopping her body onto my head. pulling on my name it, this girl was out for blood.

A couple times I thought she was done as she would pretend to give me loves...but then she would smash her head into my face, and continue her complete desolation of me.

I believe usually it's the fathers that get to partake in this exciting event with their children...yeah for me that I got to wrestle (do you hear the sarcasm?)

Needless to say I was completely pooped, red in the face, and abnormally sweaty by the time it was done.

I thought mother daughter time was supposed to involve princesses, crafts, or other girly things?


dirty>south said...

oh i'm feeling a match coming on. Q vs. Chlo-bo. just like Godiva vs. Hollywood from GLOW

A Bug's Life said...

love this post. great pics.

Kimmy said...

She's got some CRAZY faces in some of those pictures!!

Yes, Jared. Let's make that happen. Christmas, perhaps?!

auntiescary said...

Angie - do you remember nose wrestling? A small blonde child being held in the arms of her loving cousin and suddenly - said blonde head is smashed nose first, full speed into the nose of the cousin. The memory still brings a sting and tears to my eyes. Karma can be such an ugly thing. Love you. Julie