Tuesday, December 8, 2009

i miss you most at christmas time...

You would spend so much time making sure all of us kids had the same amount of presents, so that no child would get done first in the present circle.

Each child would have the same amount of money spent, so that we knew we were equally loved.

You would write "From Santa" on the present, but we knew it was your handwriting.

When I got older, you allowed time for me to get ready christmas morning, so that I wouldn't look bad in pictures...you understood.

You knew that decorating the house and tree was incomplete unless the Jackson 5 christmas album was playing

You would keep your tree up, for weeks (sometimes months) after christmas because you "liked how it looked"

You always made sure we had the chocolate advent calendars. I loved those.

When buying things before christmas you would always say "okay, but this will count towards your christmas"....but it never did. You couldn't resist getting everything we wanted.

You would watch each child open their gifts with a smile on your face, just as excited about our reaction as we were about the actual gift.

You always supported our participation in the Earl Family christmas eve talent show...even the year I thought it would a good idea to play the clarinet. I cried, but you were so proud.

Shopping for you was always so difficult, because you never asked for anything

...just the family... together and happy.


Kimmy said...

I should've known by the title. Tears.

Colleen said...

Tears here too. Your mom was such a wonderful woman and mother. I know she is loving how you are honoring her!

melanie said...

Even though I have tears too, I love this post. Your tree looks gorgeous and with a mom like yours, how could you not miss her most at Christmas.

I can hear her defending the tree up way past Christmas. Can I get you an advent calendar even though it wouldn't be the same?

Tom Earl said...

Amen sister......

Annie said...

She loved you guys so much.

Stephanie Kay Moore said...

Beautiful tree and beautiful thoughts. Merry Christmas!

auntiescary said...

oh sweetie - what awesome memories.

dirty>south said...

ok we've got to watch the following this christmas:

1. clarinet
2. me making out
3. the christmas where we're all fat
4. carson's breakdance

and note to self: don't read this at work. crying = uncool.

Larry and Janice said...

Beautiful tribute, Angie, to a incredible mom from one of her 4 awesome kids. Christmas makes me miss you Bates every year - but I miss my best friend Tami every day.