Tuesday, December 1, 2009

i'm safe up high, nothing can touch me, but why do i feel this party's over?

I haven't taken a single picture in a whole week, and thus I feel at a loss of what to blog about.

Thanksgiving was good. calm. It was a small group, but nice. The rest of my weekend was filled with comfy pants, tv, and time with Q.

I was planning on decorating for christmas on sunday. Then I got sick. I am really getting sick of being sick. I will decorate later this week when I feel better. Besides, I really should decorate when Q is asleep...I have a feeling the trees, ornaments, and lights are gonna be a huge temptation for her. uh oh.

The harlem globetrotters are out of the amazing race. Do I even care to watch the finale? Can i stand to hear "shut up dan! shut up dan!" one more episode..I don't know if I have the strength.

I love glee. It is single handedly saving my sanity. I wait in anticipation every week for wednesday night. I have all the songs downloaded. I change my status on facebook to a quote for each episode the moment I hear it. I love it. love it.

I have settled on a costume for Emily's "advertisment mascot" birthday party. It wasn't one of the my original choices. But money, options, and sewing skills are all lacking so I had to come up with something.

my wig should be here soon.

I could brag that I'm pretty much done with christmas shopping, but I only had Q and a sibling to shop for...so it wasn't really a huge feat. Although that sibling was Jared...and he is NOT an easy one to shop for.

I have started playing my christmas mix at work and it makes me happy. When those jingle bells kick in on 'all I want for christmas is you' I instantly smile. Oh Mariah! Although I have taken a major liking to "holiday road" this year..maybe it's because Jimmy Fallon and the Roots sang it on his show...but man I love it.

Is it bad for me to like Justin Bieber's music. Sure he's only like what 15, but man that little kid has stolen my heart....in a very non-creepy way...I promise.

I have absolutely no trips, vacations, or fun activities planned in the near or distant future. This depresses me. I feel it's easier to get through the boring day-to-day happenings of life knowing you have an small escape coming soon. I don't have an escape.

I have always been a little on the pessimistic side, but my job has really made me not trust people even more. Some shady shady people in this world.

I understand the economy sucks right not, But hearing the word "economy" is like nails on a chalkboard for me. It's now on the same level as "bling" "connection" and "bromance" as most annoying and overused words ever!

Speaking of this economic situation....I watch tv to escape reality. So all you tv writers quit writing the recession, or references to the recession into your scripts cause it just bums me out. Especially you Nip/Tuck...I don't watch your show for it's realistic portrayals of life, so just get back to normal and quit making sean and christian go through money issues. it's depressing.

I watch a lady write a check for $450,000 on "Million Dollar Listing" last night...as a down payment on a condo....try telling her we are in a recession!

My new favorite guilty-pleasure show. "Platinum Babies". Think Platinum weddings but for baby showers, nurseries, and baby photos....oh my gosh talk about an absurd spending of money. wow! and has anyone else ever heard of a "push present"? apparently the husband is supposed to buy his wife something nice *preferably diamonds* as a thank you for "pushing out his child" and to make her happy after birth. WHAT!

hey look at that....I guess I did have something to say after all.


Kimmy said...

I think Aaron should still buy me a "push present" even though I don't have to push!

You may not be going anywhere in the near future, but you can be excited about seeing us...or maybe that's not so exciting anymore?!

I agree. I need "Glee" to make it through the week!

Krystin said...

We watched million dollar listing for three hours yesterday. Straight. Didn't you know, it's no big deal to write checks for 50 grand... or even 450,000?

dirty>south said...

i was going to buy some new bling for a special someone (my new bromance) but because of the economy i could not.