Monday, April 19, 2010

i want to live like the animals....

This past weekend, Kimmy and Elsie flew in and met us in Seattle for a girl's weekend.

Emily, Q, and I drove over Thursday evening and picked them up at the airport. Then we headed to my friend Liz's house, where we crashed for a couple nights. Liz was a professional host and really spoiled us. She had homemade tomato bisque and bread waiting for us for dinner, and we had a lot of fun to talking and hanging out.

Then Friday was Day 1 of our Seattle adventures...
The ZOO.
I love the zoo...and I was so excited to take Q and see how she liked it. Liz came along with her three kids, and we had a great day.
(we found this little gem on the backside of the monkey...classy)
Elsie loved the animals, and Q was pretty content just chillin in her stroller and looking at everything around her. We stopped a couple times, once for lunch (which Liz packed for the whole group...seriously, she is a super woman), and another time at this little play area called Zoomasium, that the kids can run around and the parents can relax....very nice.
Oh we always took a couple minutes to let some of the kids ride this old school carousel at the zoo....and this is where I saw Dave Matthews....yep!
I was just standing there looking at the carousel, and I saw this man (in all black) walking around the carousel, we caught eyes and he smiled so i smiled back...and then I realized...holy crap..that's Dave Mathews...I looked again, just to make sure, and yep, it was him. Emily stood next to me and I pointed him out to her...then I mouthed to kim on the carousel that dave mathews was on she moved Elsie to another horse, so she could see him. I tried getting a picture, but he was with his kid and I felt like an annoying TMZ reporter, so I got a blurry picture, and was content with that..

Emily and I decided to get our top model poses out....

Emily, and I love doing whatever it takes to get a funny picture...I thought I would post this video as not only something to laugh at, but to show you what lengths emily goes through for a good picture.

the picture: Emily, in very small fox hole

the video: Emily, getting out of the fox hole

That night we headed to Chuck E Cheese for dinner. I wish I could say it was for the kids, but apparently Emily had never been and that was too pathetic for us to handle, so we made the 6 year old girl inside of her very happy. That place was out of control busy, but the kids had a good time....until I took Q's skee ball away from her...then it went downhill fast. I will blame her being tired, and not such a diva...but seriously she really was tired...the kids had had a fabulous adventure that day.

Next post...Day 2. Children's Museum


melanie said...

You've got the Top Model pose down! I love the zoo too and really want to take the kids again this summer. Actually, I like all the Seattle offerings.... PSC, Children's Museum, Aquarium. So much fun.

Love all your photos, can't wait for day 2. And day 3 for that matter, I'm hoping that's the Tulip Festival?

Kimmy said...

You are so on top of things. I can't believe you've got this all posted already!!

What a great day it was. I love the zoo and especially love being there with the little ones and seeing how excited they get.