Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I'm going off the rails on a crazy train....

Qiana is 18 months...that is just crazy to me.

She is discovering new things around her, and new things about herself every day. She is finding her independence and pushing boundaries.
One minute she can be headbutting you in the face and the next she puts her arm around you, lays her head on your chest, and cuddles...I know that sounds like the recipe for a domestic abuser...but trust me, it's cute.
She lives on two ends of the spectrum.
Sometimes she is a crazy, attitude filled girl, who won't eat unless she feeds herself, runs away at the sight of a diaper change, and throws a fit when she doesn't get want she wants...and then
other times she seeks mommy out to sit on her lap, give her hugs, or wants to be held. She walks herself to her room when she is tired and ready for bed. She will beg to cuddle up on mommy's bed and watch shows, getting every minute of mommy time that she can.

I don't know on which end of the spectrum she will end up, I would bet that it will be years and years of ups and downs and in betweens with this girl, but for moments like this...

I guess I'll keep her.

Words she says:
wa (water)
yo (yo gabba gabba)
yah (yes)
oh no

LOves to:
play in utensil draw
brush/comb your hair
brush her teeth
play in shower or bath
watch yo gabba gabba
listen to her music
play with empty diaper boxes
move her stool around
sit on my legs and feet
get piggy backs
sit on counter while mommy cooks
dip food in any sauces (tartar, blue cheese, bbq, etc...)
go for car rides
eat any food that mommy puts in a little baggie or bowl
play outside
steamroll Emily on the couch
get tickled

Foods she likes:
chicken nuggets
grilled cheese
chef boyardee micro mini raviolis
goldfish crackers
life cereal
mac n' cheese
onion rings
french fries
spinach artichoke dip
crab cakes

as I mentionned earlier, Q is really eating her feeding herself lately...which means I either need to be more persistent about only eating in the kitchen, or become less OCD about cleanliness and a baby...cause this is how she eats with a spoon...

We had Q's 18 month check up last week...and let's just say the girl isn't breakin any records..but the doctor said she is developing normally, so I guess I won't complain.
height: 30.5" (only up an 1" from 1 year check up)
weight: 23lbs 14 oz (only up 1lb from 1 year check up)
head: 18.5" (no change from 1 year check up)


Kimmy said...

Wow...she is 18 months old! Time has flown. We love that girl and can't wait to see her soon (and you, too)!

Alissa Maxwell said...

That is fast! And don't stress the growth (or lack of) at this age. Toddlers are just too busy learning and DOING to convert the calories into growth. Owen was 24.5 pounds from 18 months to nearly 2 1/2...

Colleen said...

Doesn't it go by so fast? She is a beautiful, perfect little girl, although maybe I wouldn't know about the "girl" part :), so I will say a beautiful, perfect little toddler!!! She is sure lucky to have you for a mommy.