Monday, April 12, 2010

Well, you can swing it you can groove it, you can really start to move it at the hop

Is it too late for an Easter post? Probably, but that isn't gonna stop me.

Our Easter weekend was pretty quiet. Saturday, Emily and I got our lawn work on...and it was awful!! We spent the morning raking up thousands of leaves, and it was cold...and windy, very windy. But I had my mind set that it needed to be done that day, so we worked. Emily was a trooper, and Q even got in on the action. She had her own little rake and would try and help, she also enjoyed pushing the wheelbarrow with was super cute. In the midst of our lawn work....
Clinton stopped by with a little gift for Q for Easter
She was a super fan of the little animals...but downed the gummi treats in record time I believe...yes, the sugary weekend started early folks...and this girl has a sweet tooth.
Sunday morning, we woke up and had a little Easter basket exchange with Emily. It was a fun tradition we started last year, and it was fun to have something for us grown ups...although this meant that our house was FULL of candy this past week, which is never a good thing...but luckily I set it out on the counter, where anybody who came over could munch on it...and thus I saved my hips and butt some unnecessary calories...Yeah me!

I didn't do an Easter egg hunt with Q, because I didn't think it would really work with her...but after seeing how fascinated she was with the eggs in her basket
I was kind of hoping I would have done it...dang me!

Emily got these bunny ears for Q and she loved them instantly. She wanted them on her head, and didn't take them off all morning. It was the cutest thing.

The rest of the day was spent hanging out with my friend Michelle and her family. It was super relaxing, and a nice little Easter. We had a delicious seafood dinner, and I tried Oysters for the first time...they were...interesting...not bad though.

All in all a good day


Annie said...

Abigail has those same bunny ears. Q looks so cute in them.

Colleen said...

I love the bunny ear pictures with the treatment done, as well as that one with you two in the post below. BEAUTIFUL!

Earl Family said...

The bunny ears are awesome.