Monday, June 20, 2011

I like it when the girls stop by.. In the summer

Q and I are the proud owners of the season pass of all passes for Utah County. which means it adds just another fun thing for us to do. We hit the seven peaks water park every few days and both Q and I just love it. We have our little routine that we do every time. First we hit up the the tadpole area, where Q has no fear about climbing up the steps and going down the slides by herself. It is so cute to watch. She loves giving the lifeguards high fives before she makes her way down the slide, and the smile that awaits me as I wait at the bottom to catch her, is just so funny. We play in that area for a bit, then we grab our little kid boat floatie and go around the the lazy river a few thousand times. Q floats in her boat pointing out all the leaves she sees, and I walk beside her collecting the leaves and putting them in her boat. if I wasn't getting an amazing tan while doing this, I would consider this the most mundane thing ever, but it's pretty fun.
Then we take a little break. Q gets her cheetos from the gift shop, then we hit up the grill and get out fries and large water. Then we sit on the towels, getting some sun on my legs, watch all the people, and eat our snacks. After that, we take the boat into the wave pool, where after about 20 minutes Q usually falls asleep. I bring her back to our towels, and she takes a little nap while I get some sun, or I put her in the stroller, pack up our things, and go home where we both can take a nap. Yeah it's a tough life we have.

One day we also hit up the Lehi Trafalga. so fun. Q may be less than 36" but with the afro she is tall enough to ride most of the rides, and she thought it was so fun. 

 yep, yet another carousel.
 They also have this cool mini bowling area, that is just so fun for Q. She played two whole games and would have played more but it was time to go.

We definitely have to go back.....soon....

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