Thursday, June 16, 2011

They paved paradise and put up a parking lot...

Q loves the outdoors. Again, how is this my child? So we have played in a few parks and outdoor stuff around the area.
Q loves to just run around and be crazy. She's even gotten better at being brave and going down the really high slides.

Sometimes we even just sit on the grass outside the condo. These parks should pay Q to garden for them, cause the girl is a master at picking "flowers" (aka: dandelions), and doesn't stop until they are all gone. 

Who doesn't love a yummy soft serve cone in the summer?

There's this big park close by our house that Q just loves. it has a huge fountain that has a sign saying "no swimming or wading" but that doesn't stop anybody for getting in. 

have I mentioned the extensive rock, leaf, stick, pinecone collection that we come home with every time we go outside. Q is obsessed.

That park also has a little pond area that has fish and ducks that swim in it.

One day we also went to the Thanksgiving Point gardens. True story: I worked here the summer that it opened in 2000.
I realized that taking a flower obsessed child to the gardens and expecting her to refrain from picking the flowers was similar to taking a crackhead to a crack house, and expecting them to stay clean. But, besides a couple little fits over not getting to hold any of the pretty flowers, the gardens were a hit! She loved the children's area, and could have explored in those little caves forever. 

We literally spent about a half hour feeding these koi fish. Q thought is was so great when they would all fight for the food. it's was cheap entertainment.

Kimmy had told us about this cool (free) park in Alpine that we just had to try. It has a cool little river area with rocks to play on and water to play with, and although the water is quite cold, Q loved it. I just sat on a bench in the warm sun getting a tan, while Q played (and of course found some best friends)

We are definitely summer people, and love when the nice weather allows us to get outside and hang out. 

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