Thursday, July 14, 2011

Let's talk about me for a minute...

Well baby Q is becoming quite the fun and crazy toddler, but I am loving it. I love the interactions I have with her. The conversations, the laughter, the play, the cuddles, and of course the kisses. Q has always being a touchy feely baby, and things haven't changed in toddlerhood. she loves to sit as close as she can to me, she loves to touch me, to snuggle with me. and I love it to. (most of the time). Even when I am trying to work she wants to sit on my lap or sit in a chair right next to me. so we've basically come full circle from her newborn days of coming with me to the office and sleeping my lap while I worked.
She is becoming so funny, and whether it's nature or nuture this girl is becoming more and more like me each day. She loves to dance. she loves to laugh. she quotes movies as we are watching them. she sings to songs (even if she doesn't know the words), she loves naps, she really getting into books, and loves her shows. 
She even has to put on her "glasses" whenever I have mine on. 
She's my mini-me. I love it. 

Q's hair is even growing in a bit, and getting longer, although her hair is soooooooo super curly that you probably can't tell the length unless you play with it. I've been putting her hair in mulitple ponytails lately, and I think it's so cute. although you will never see beads in her hair (not a fan), I think this look is so cute.

This what it looks like when I take it out....and make it into a funky mowhawk. 

Q has always had some issues with her lungs. She had RSV as a kid, And whenever she gets sick it always goes into a nasty cough. But with our move to Utah, and the new elements, it triggered a mild case of asthma. So once a day we have to do this little breathing treatment and if she's having a bad coughing attack or wheezing we have to do a different treatment every 4-6 hours. Q does pretty well with it. I just let her sit in her chair by the tv and she watched a show, while the treatment is going. but she does look pretty pathetic though. 

Top 5 favorite movie quotes from Q:
1) "to infinity and beyond"
2)"there's a snake in my boots"
3)"I love kung fu"
5)"what?????" in a high pitched voice ala: despicable me

but no movie gets quoted more than Annie. The girl is obsessed. she loves it. she quotes it throughout the movie. Loves to talk about it. Loves explaining what is happening through each scene. Just loves it. In fact, whenever she is trying to call me from afar(or anybody for that matter) she calls out like Annie calls for Sandy. she cups her mouth her two hands and yells out "sandy! come here sandy, come her sandy. good job Sandy!". I need to video it, cause it's the cutest thing ever. Annie was the first musical I ever went to. My mom took me for my 6th birthday, so it holds a special place in my heart and I love that Q took to it so quickly. 
But Q loves lots of movies. she really does. here are a list of the common ones that get chosen by her to watch. 
gnomeo and juliet
alvin and the chipmunks: the squeakuel
astro boy
american tail
american tail: fieval goes west
beauty and the beast
despicable me
princess and the frog
cloudy with a chance of meatballs
aladdin (she LOVES this one)
little mermaid (in fact all food must be cut up so she can eat it with a dinglehopper)
toy story(1,2,3)
Tarzan (we rented this from the library and couple days ago, and have watched it 5 times already)

Sometimes a few random ones make their way back into the rotation, the common alternates right now are:
alpha and omega
a bug's life
the incredibles
monsters vs aliens
monsters inc
shrek (any of them)

Here are a list of the shows that she loves, the list is expanding which is good. variety is good for this mother. 
jake and the neverland pirates (Q loves the whole pirate thing)
berenstain bears
bubble guppies
team umizoomi
yo gabba gabba
blues clues
the wiggles
strawberry shortcake
mikey mouse clubhouse
super why!

A couple other funny things to note about Q:
1) she treats inanimate objects like they are real. I'm hoping it's just a overactive imagination and not something to worry about. hahaha. but seriously, she will tattle on the table for hurting her, put her dolls or animals in time or to sleep, tells me something is being "mean" if a toy isn't working properly. Oh and often toys, utensils, dolls, etc have a crab in them that comes out and bites her ear. This happens multiple times during the day. weird? maybe. Cute. yes, for now. 
2)and although she LOVES her babies, and loves to feed them, hold them, put them to bed, carry them around, snuggle them...basically treat them like real people, she has yet to give any names to any of them. Not a one. they are all just "baby".

Besides quoting movies Q is also saying so really funny stuff, and with her cute voice it just makes me laugh
1) when she says "oh my gosh" it has a slight boston accent to it. makes me smile
2)"im so sorry", said with a frown and the saddest voice ever.....the girl is gonna be a great actress
3)"i'm not listening". apparently I scold her a bit for not paying attention to what I am saying cause often times, when she hears a certain "i'm getting frustrated" tone in my voice she will be quick to point out "i'm not listening". it makes me less stressed instantly.
4)she often asks tons of questions like "what are they doing?"  or "what's happening"...and really she knows the answer, that is just her cue for me to ask her the same question back and she tells me the answer. what a crazy kid.

I've mentioned that Q loves to dance, and I am so excited for her to start her preschool in the fall cause it is combined with dancing and singing as well. I just like to call it Fame preschool cause it makes me smile. But I think she is just gonna love it. She's expanding her dance moves and I've been working on her dance face. She now knows to smile the whole time she's dancing and not stick her tongue out. Her newest move is this bend over, touch the ground, and shake her booty in the air while singing "shake your booty, shake your booty". not quite sure where she learned this, and yes it could be a little weird in a few years, but it makes me laugh now. She also loves trying to do the dance moves the chippette's do in "the squeakuel", especially the "single ladies" musical number. If she can get those down, I will die with happiness! Again, I will try and get video of her dancing soon. 

oh and Q is potty trained. it took a tough week of potty training boot camp, where we honestly did not leave the house. But it happened. I didn't know if it would, even into day 4, but she soon picked it up and is doing well. She still has a hard time telling others (not me) that she has to go, and often gets distracted with playing with others that she doesn't tell me in time, but hopefully that will change before preschool starts.  She still has to wear a pull up at night, cause the girl is such a hard sleeper that she wasn't waking up at all in the night, and peeing the bed. so we'll work on that as the months go on. But she did it. So thanks to everybody who gave me advice before and especially during the totally helped.

Well that's life in Q's world. She's becoming such a big girl
 (and if you read and cared about any of that, I love you)


Alyson said...

I love this post, and you will love it in a couple of years when you read it back and remember how freakin' adorable they are at this age!! I love the hair. And thank you for not putting beads in it. She just sounds so sweet and fun!

Kimmy said...

I am so glad we got to be around her so recently, so I could experience all of this! She is awesome. She makes me smile.

(I love her hair!)

dirty>south said...

i love Q in her chair with her Vadar mask. is she talking to the emperor?