Thursday, July 28, 2011

Move...get out the way...get out the way...

I know it may feel like just yesterday that some of you came to my aid in helping me unpack a moving truck...but it's that time again. (feel free to grumble and groan a bit). 
My time at kelsey and jon's has been awesome, but I have found a place of my own and am excited to really get settled in.

I hate moving as much as anybody, so this should be the last time for a long time...

and it should be relatively easy...well as far as moving goes. We will just be packing up the storage shed (on 800 north in Orem) and moving into the apt (off geneva road in south Orem) and there are ABSOLUTELY NO STAIRS! see how nice that sounds? 

I am planning my move for  friday august 5th around 6pm?  hopefully this works for people. (fingers crossed).

It really shouldn't take but a couple hours (at that). 

Thanks so much if you can help. :)

love you all

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dirty>south said...

nice! make sure you send us your new address