Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Reunited and it feels so good...

It was a last minute decision to drive up to Idaho spend a day with Kim's crew, then drive up with her and Elsie to visit Jared's crew, but it was the perfect trip and I was so glad we did it. Q and I needed a break from Utah, and break from each other, and to see everyone (even Mitch), and just hang out, was a just a dream. We ate some delicious food, spent time in the sun, played with family, spent time with Mitch, laughed, talked, and just had some good quality family time.

We made up this bowling game down the slip and slide...

Cousins,cheeto's and sun time...

Q couldn't get enough of Mitch. It's so cute to me. These kids see him a few times a year, but they all love him and don't leave him alone this minute they see him.

After swimming and snack time Q was out. Like seriously out like a light. She slept in the sun forever, and then I moved her inside with us, and she laid on the floor amid the noise and commotion for a couple hours the girl loves her sleep.

Jared brought home these little bags from work that had suckers, stickers, crayons, and some tattoos in them. The Kids got to work tattin themselves. 

 I told you Q loved her Uncle Mitch

 We were sure sad Aaron couldn't be there. But we had a great time

 yep, Jared got all the girls to do "guns". nice jared. nice.

Q giving her Uncle JJ some head love...yeah it hurts. 

Oh how I love my family.


dirty>south said...

yeah head love hurts like the dickens

Kimmy said...

We do have a good time together, don't we?!