Sunday, June 24, 2012

We are the best at rhythm and laughter. That's why we love Carnaval.

Q and I headed out to the annual Orem Fest a couple weeks ago, and met up with Cali and Ash and the kids. It was a HOT day, but Q loved riding on the rides so it was worth it.

This kid's make-up was terrifying, but Q's love for rides conquered her fright of his face. She was a trooper. 

I love that Q is holding her hands up like this is some big roller coaster. 

Look at Fiona just chillin on the bike.

Even playing on the grass was fun for this outdoor girl

I need to figure out how I was standing here, cause it makes me look way skinnier than I am. love it
The next night, I took Q out to the fireworks. She LOVES fireworks, so I knew it would be a hit. It was super cold and windy that night, so we parked in a good spot, wrapped up in blankets in the car, rolled down the windows, and enjoyed the show from the car. Q was in heaven!

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Kim said...

I love that you still took her to the fireworks!! Gotta love the carniefest!