Monday, June 11, 2012

Remember...walkin in the sand...Remember..

My summer shelves.
 The flamingo's (Q picked them out), the shells, the rocks, the sand, the fish , and the lighthouse I found at the dollar store. While the large shell was on clearance at hobby lobby, as were the the little glass bottles.
 The brightly colored vase was a gift from my sister or my mom (i can't remember) after a trip to mazatlan. they loved painting the pottery as a leisure activity.

I had decoupaged these letters with some paper (the usual), but they didn't stand out to me, so I decided to crush up some shells I had bought, and hot glued them onto the letters. I loved how it turned out. 

For the wreath, I bought a wood wreath and spray painted it an ivory color, then I hot glued the dollar store shells, and a net to give it a driftwood beachy feel. Q was in charge of picking out the shells she wanted to use and handed to me to glue on. The large starfish was on clearance at the craft store (score!)

I may have no plans to hit up the beach any time this summer, but this decor sure makes me relaxed and happy. I love summer.


Kimmy said...

Love the shelves! There's just something so refreshing about surf/sand stuff.

Yes, I am the master artist that painted the vase. You are very welcome. ;)

Kacey Nielsen said...

The surf letters are my favorite. No, I take that back, the wreath is definitely the favorite... but then there are the flamingos that add the perfect bit of hot pink. I give up. It is just overall awesome.

Annie said...

I wish we lived closer so i could craft with you. I need some inspiration.

Peggy Dee said...

Love your crafts and Q's preschool footage was precious! Miss you!!