Friday, July 13, 2012

Baby you're a firework...

I feel like with posting on Facebook and Instagram that these photos will be repeats for many of you, but I still like the idea of blogging (even though I don't know if anybody reads my posts anymore since nobody comments anymore...I blame Google Reader). So here is my 4th of July post. 

Last year for 4th of July season, Q and I just drove around Utah County looking at the fireworks being shot off. We even drove all the way up to Sandy on the 3rd to watch the firework show going off after a Real game. I have mentioned Q's loves of fireworks before, and therefore I try and get as much excitement for her as possible. I was even nice and let her do sparklers this year. I burned myself once as a kid on those things, and have stayed away ever since. But Q was excited to have her own "firework" in her hands....note: she did burn herself a bit when, after the sparkler was out, she touched the burnt part. She cried a little bit, but tried a sparkler again, so she's braver than me. 

For the 4th we joined Kim and Aaron's parents and in-laws for a picnic and playtime up in Saratoga Springs. The kids had a blast running around the yard and receiving numerous balloon animals from Aaron's uncle. Q was in heaven with all the crazy toys Piper brought, and her new balloon friends. I was in heaven sitting on the grass eating delicious food and chatting with everyone. 

we got the girls these matching $5 dresses. i love being festive. 

q's flag toes I painted. 

a balloon sword fight...Q was pretending to be a barbie musketeer

 Okay a little after that picture one of the balloons popped so we convinced Q to out it on like a vest and be a balloon alien. The funniest thing was that she couldn't move her arms all the way forward while it was on. So, for my own enjoyment..and the others around me...I kept asking Q to do things that i knew she couldn't with her arms immobile. It was HILARIOUS. she kept getting so frustrated. I'm horrible.

the ladies with their festive toes

After the picnic, and as it started to get dark we headed to Gary and Sylvia's for a little firework action. (they were banned in the saratoga springs area where we were). 
Q was beyond excited and had a blast watching Gary and Aaron light them off. Plus we got to watch some big ones going off in the neighborhood around us, which was awesome. On the way home we pulled over intot he University Mall parking lot, and watched the end of the "Stadium of Fire" fireworks show. It was perfect. We got to see all the cool fireworks but didnt have to deal with the people. Awesome.

can you feel the love for fireworks?

woah..that was a loud one

Q would march up and down the street singing "grand old flag"

Not awesome: having to hear the fireworks going off super late for the next few nights after. so annoying. 

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Kim said...

This turned out to be a great day! Yes, being festive makes the party way more fun. Loved having you with us!