Sunday, July 29, 2012

I'm a feathery freak.. With a beak.. A bird murderer.. You think you're badder than me... I never heard of ya

With the Utah Pass of All Passes you get in free to the Tracy Aviary on Mondays, so Kim and I met up with Piper and her kids one day to check the place out. It's basically a zoo for just birds, but the kids had fun, and there was lots of cool looking birds to see. Plus any place that has cutouts to take pictures in I am totally game! So even though it was a freaking hot day and we were completely sweaty by the time we left, it was a good little outing, and a nice (free) place to check out.

they had this little childrens' play area which was nice

Q and Harper

Q doing her Brady Bunch head move

aren't these girls adorable!


Kim said...

I really enjoyed the aviary! I'm glad we did it.

(What song do those lyrics come from?! Where do you come up with these things :)

Colleen said...