Friday, July 20, 2012

More than you'll ever know...

On July 6th, Kimmie joined me for a little road trip and Boyz II Men concert in Wendover, NV. Has anyone ever been to Wendover? It's seriously like a town with 3 casinos, a couple fast food places, and gas stations. It's crazy small. But the venue for the concert was perfect, and we had great seats! It was my 6th time seeing Boyz II Men in concert, and it was just as amazing as always. They put on a great show. I know many people probably think that they have been out of the game for many years now, but it's simply not true. They have continued to put out records for 20 years now. In fact their last CD, released this past year, named 20 was a two disc collection. One disc was all their hits re-made, and the second disc was all new songs. Download: More than you'll ever know. (amazing!)
They might not sell out huge arenas anymore, but they still have amazing talent and put on a great show!
It was a great concert, and so fun to spend some one on one time with Kim.
the view from our seats

the Boyz

This lady stood up the entire concert. Luckily, she didn't block our view..but the people behind her were NOT pleased.

an awkward picture of me at the end

a highlight of my life. Boyz II men "favorited" a tweet of mine about them. They now know I exist!



dirty>south said...

favorited tweet = awesome

Kim said...

That was seriously SO fun!! Thanks for inviting me. :)

Now I need to just remember the moves to the dance I made up to "Uuh Aah" those many years ago!

Colleen said...

AHHHHHHHHH! Awesome!!!