Saturday, September 1, 2012

So it don’t matter what it looks like We look perfect to me

So Q and I headed up to WA for the Earl reunion (which is a whole other post), and decided to stay for a week after to hang out with Jared and crew, and some of my friends. It was a great week, full of food, relaxation, family, and fun.

While at Jared's we played games, talked, watched the kids play, swam at a friends pool, had an adult dinner out, hit up Silverwood, and I even joined Jared and his friend Brad for a man's night out with delicious wings and the Bourne movie (Q wasn't too sure about me going out for a second night in a row..she wasn't too happy with mommy having a social life...good thing for her, it wasn't a permanent thing haha).
Q had a complete blast hanging out with her cousins, and couldn't get enough of them.  They watched shows, played video games, played with dolls, ran around outside, and laughed a lot.
On friday, after leaving Jared's and waiting for Michelle to get home from work I went to the Richland Farmer's Market to say hi to a friend and co-worker (Loveta), and spent some quality catch up time with my good friend Melanie (man that girl can make me laugh). With Michelle I had a classic firepit friday with a couple of friends, hit up a BBQ, went shopping for back to school clothes for Q, and got chinese delivery and lounged on the couch...perfect.  It was hard to say goodbye, especially knowing the long drive we had home, but it was a great visit. It's been hard for Q to get back into the swing of our quiet life here in UT, but once preschool starts next week, life will get pretty busy again.

My WA trip in pictures:

these girls on rides were hilarious

Yeah they rode this ride multiple times.

these rides, although requiring an adult, we not made for adults...uncomfortable

Can you see the joy?

end of the night homemade ice cream

Q was a big fan of the Silverwood so much. Disneyland rides are the only rides for me. 

(Yep she's the girl loudly laughing)


Kim said...

Glad you had fun at Silverwood! Yeah, Disneyland just does everything right.

dirty>south said...

haha that helicopter ride. so painful watching them get on it.