Sunday, September 30, 2012

I'm special, so special, I gotta have some of your attention

Yep, Q is 4.

We had lots of different ideas of what to do for her birthday, but we ended up thinking a trip to the aquarium (you remember how much q loves animals), would be perfect. She was super excited to share her day with Kimmie and Elsie, and couldn't wait for them to get to our house.

That morning, while we waited for Kim and Els to get there we opened some presents.
coming through her decorated door. 

Q was super excited about her dreamlight. It was the first present she wanted based off a tv commercial...I know there is more to come. 

The girl loves her old school Disney movies as well. 

She's gotten into Strawberry Shortcake dolls now...and I'm super annoyed that I got rid of mine when I was a kid...I had the whole collection!

Then Kim and Elsie came with their gifts! Although I think just seeing Elsie would have been present enough.

We got the girls some McD's for the trip up to the aquarium, and listened to disney songs as we drove. Good start huh?

The aquarium was smaller than ones I'd been to before, but it was perfect for the girls. We saw all kinds of fish, spiders, sharks, otters, penquins, frogs, lizards, and turtles.

There was a little place where you could try and pet the baby shark and mini rays as they swam past, but Q just couldn't get her little arm deep enough (I was practically dipping her whole body in the water). She was so disappointed with herself, and still talks about how she didn't get to pet the shark.
But she loved the penquins, and playing around in all little areas with Elsie.

Afterwards we headed up to the cupcakery One Sweet Slice for a treat. This place was on (and won) Cupcake Wars on the food network, and so we had to try it! The little girls each chose their own cupcake Q (a vanilla cupcake with pretty pink frosting and candy pearls) and Elsie (a pink lemonade cupcake). Kim and I were huge piggies and pick 3 different cupcakes to share. A samoa cupcake, a peanut butter chocolate cupcake, and a peanut butter/ brown sugar cupcake (or the Luke Skywalker one that she did on Cupcake Wars). They were all delicious...some of the better ones I have had at those cupcake places, but the Peanut Butter/ Brown sugar one was our favorite. delicious!

It was a great day for a great girl with great company!

For her birthday she also got to bring some treats for her preschool class. She colored the buterfly bodies and thought she was so special.

She also got to skype Jared's crew which made her sooo happy.

Q at 4: In my words. 

1. Q loves to "collect things": rocks, sticks, leaves, pinecones, pieces of paper, screws..if it's on the ground she will pick it up, call it a "treasure" and want to bring it home. I'm trying to limit her "treasures" as she has the potential of being major hoarder, and I hate junk. 

2. Q loves to perform: She will take any opportunity to dance, sing, shake her booty (her signature move), tell a riddle (they never make sense), tell a story, or take a picture. She is not shy. You guys do remember how I mentioned she had a breakdown at the family reunion because her "part" wasn't big enough in our family song?

3. Q loves cheese: Seriously here is a list of her "most likely to finish her whole plate at lunch/dinner" items- quesadilla, nachos, grilled cheese, mac'n'cheese, pizza, and cheesy rice/broccoli. She also loves chicken nuggets, fishsticks, chicken taquitos, fries, carrots, applesauce, apples, crackers, popcorn, chips, corn, rice. 

4. Q says the funniest things: "Is that a good deal mom?". "Trust me mom, I can do it". "It's kind of hard for me, when I'm bigger I can do it". "You ruined my life". "Maybe I'll just stop and breath, and calm down". "oh hey mom, I'm just______". 

5. Q loves mommy time: We have been having mommy and Q movie time, and she has really gotten into watching the non-animated family movies. She loved Mirror Mirror, and Mr. Popper's Penquins.

6. Q lives in a world of imagination: she has make believe friends that help her clean, come on car rides, and sometimes get her in trouble. She also makes up her own songs and stories, and is never short of things to say. 

7. Q is an artist: She may not color in the lines, or draw a perfect stick figure, but she puts her imagination onto paper through marker, paint, pencil, and crayon. She then often takes the paper and twists, crumples, and folds it into a whole other product of its own. 

8. Q is a mouthful: well she loves putting anything into her mouth. her blankets, clothes, crayons, pencils, paper, rocks, dolls arms and legs, stuffed animals. A little worrisome, maybe but I've asked the doctor and they said some kids go through oral fixation stages, but I'm keeping my eye on it. It's pretty gross though, nothing like picking up her blanket and getting a wet piece. yuck. 

9. Q loves her family: She tells me constantly that I'm her best friend and "we have to take care of each other". She loves hanging out with Elsie and asks everyday if we are seeing her that day, and wishes her other cousins lived closer. 

10. Q is an excellent helper: She is quick to grab her kid vacuum and help mommy. Will clean up her toys when asked (although she does enjoy help if I offer it). Loves putting clothes into the dryer. Is itching to help mom out in the kitchen, but I'm worried about her getting hurt. Claims putting the utensils away as "her job" when unloading the dishwasher. 

I love my Q. 

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