Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Go Shorty, it's your birthday

It was a week before my birthday and I had nothing planned. I was depressed. I know that most adults couldn't care less about their birthday, but I do. I have always enjoyed having a party, going on a trip, or planning some sort of activity to celebrate me and have some fun. But this year I had failed to figure something out. Luckily, Kim and I put our heads together and figured out that a sushi lunch and hitting up the Parade of Homes would be extremely doable and a fun way to spend the day. So that became my birthday plan!  I was so happy that Cali and Ashley could join us for lunch! It is always so fun to hang with the cousins. 

Growing up we always went with my mom to the "Street of Dreams" and loved looking at the big and extravagant homes that we would never be able to afford. I remember one year, one of the houses had a couple secret passageways...and I thought it was so super cool.  So when we moved to Utah, and discovered their Parade of Homes, we have made it a tradition to check out. Because the Parade is so spread out from southern Utah County to Northern, and not just on one street like in Seattle, it's definitely an all day affair. Luckily we have two little girls that are pretty well behaved and like walking through the houses as well (plus having snacks and treats on hand, and a movie playing in the car, doesnt hurt).

Q loved this room...and so did I

I want this dresser...or someone to paint me one.

LOve this chair, and the bright colors

My dream family living space. I love the bright colors...especially the orange and yellow.

my dream home would definitely include a movie theater style media room.

um a stocked candy counter...yes please!!

Yep, it was a great birthday!!

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