Saturday, June 15, 2013

Two worlds, one family

It was the annual Oremfest, and Q and I joined Cali/ASh and their kids for a couple hours at the park. As much as it pains me to spend money on tickets for those carnie rides, Q loves it, so I do it. We do love hanging out with everybody though, so that makes it totally worth it. Plus, this year, we found a food booth that was selling Dole Pineapple whips, like the ones you find at Disneyland, and that made me super, it's so delicious. Oh, plus I totally got hit on by a Angie for the win!

Q with her school friends, Lailie and Eva

That evening, we met up with Kim/Aaron/Elsie for dinner and to Tarzan, the musical, and the Scera. We had gotten free tickets with our pass of all passes, and I was excited for Q to see her first play. It was a great night of hanging out, eating treats, and watching a well done production. Q keeps talking about how she wants to see more plays, so....success! 

Kim and I in our matching shirts...this happens a lot. 

The next night, Saturday, was the fireworks. So Q and I headed up to find a spot to watch and enjoy. Oh Man!! it was so packed with people. The last two years we have had no problem finding a spot in the Smith's parking lot to watch the show, but this year, with the great weather, everywhere was full. We drove around for 25 minutes, through every parking lot near trying to find a place. I was getting frustrated, and Q was getting sad. The fireworks has started, and I had Q just watch from the window while I tried one last spot, the Target parking lot. and like magic, one spot was open right when we pulled in. I quickly parked, got Q out of the car, plopped her on the hood, and relaxed while she enjoyed the fireworks. 

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