Saturday, June 1, 2013

C'mon ride the train...and ride it...

I had been meaning to take Q on UTA frontrunner train, and when a free day came up, I thought a trip up to SLC would be fun. Q had a great time looking out the window, and seeing all the places we rode through on our way up to SLC. Once at our destination, we did a short walk over to the Gateway mall, ate some lunch, then hit up the Planetarium and Children's Museum. It was a day dedicated to Q and whatever she wanted to do....and she had a blast! Before we headed home, we got some shaved ice, and watched the water show.

learning about clouds


exploring the moon

mission to mars

just doing a little shopping

reporting the news

live reporting....Q was really getting into it. 

These workers were getting a kick out of Q. 

Q really got into the "news" section of the museum, and was very entertaining to watch. She was not shy about "reporting the news" even when a little crowd began to gather to watch her and smile. The screen would change pictures, and she wouldn't miss a beat, and would change her story to match the picture. I consider this her first screen test. haha. 

Largest "small" shaved ice ever. with ice cream at the bottom of course....delicious

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