Wednesday, July 23, 2008

there's an air of love and of happiness...and this is the Fresh Prince's new defintion of summer madness

So I was looking on my camera today and realized I had tons of random photos taken in the last month or so, so I thought I would use them to make a photo essay entitled...


1. Played in the pool:

This was one day when the weather wasn't super awesome, so we blew up the kiddie pool and let Elsie climb in and out of it in the living room. Hours of fun apparently.

In true Emily fashion she was willing to be our source of entertainment one Saturday and spent hours trying to get herself on top of this floating turtle. Sad to say the turtle won most of the battles. I have a more embarrassing picture of Emily on this particular day but I will refrain from posting it. let's just say...we convinced her to go down the slide!

I had to post this picture (sorry Aaron) to show off the amazing farmer's tan on this body. Since then the two tones have evened out a bit, but doesn't this look amazing.

2. Hung out in the Sun

Look at Chlo-bo giving me a smile.

Jared teaching Carson the best way to play Crochet. He better watch out though, cause one day soon Carson is going to beat him.

Elsie loves outside....can't get enough.

The women watching the men battle it out as "poison" in crochet. You haven't lived until you've seen not only Jared but now Aaron do the Bel Biv Devoe Poison dance.

Sometimes smiles from Kaiya for the camera can be hard to come by....but a little hug from Gi-Gi can do the trick.

3. Spent a lovely summer evening at a Concert in the Park.

The "Coats", formerly known as the "Trenchcoats" (apparently they changed their name after Columbine because people were getting confused and sending them hate mail) came to town. So we headed out to the amphitheater to get our acapella on. It was a good concert, but when Kim and Aaron had to leave early to get Elsie to bed Emily and I got surrounded by a group of carnies, who apparently thought their singing was better than the Coats and proceeded to sing along to every song...loud enough that after awhile it was only their voices I heard. not awesome.

this lady was some interesting entertainment to watch. Apparently she understood what Gloria Estefan was singing about...cause the rhythm sure got her. Too bad actual rhythm and dance skillz seemed to have passed her by.

Elsie was loving the music!

This lady was the #1 fan of the night and spent the entire time dancing right in front of the stage. by the end of the night she was accompanied by tons of children, but we all know who the star was.

Two things Elsie loves....straws and climbing on her parents. what a great night huh elsie!

Kim and Elsie in a face-off.

crowd shot.

After awhile Elsie got really fascinated with my camera and wanted to take her own pictures. She loved seeing Kim's face through the screen. So here is Elsie's shot of her mommy.

4. Took a little day trip to Leavenworth to visit friends.

My friend Tamu and her family were in Leavenworth for a few days, so Emily and I headed over there to spend the day. I hadn't been there is years and had forgotten what a cute town it is....but dang was it a hot day.

Here is Tamu and the kids. Her husband Keith had gone to find more food.

who likes aplets and cotlets? seriously? but we thought this statue was just creepy enough to be cool.

Emily and I had to celebrate her Germanity and get a Brat. This place was delicious!!!

5. Attended a funeral.

Probably the most significant event of this summer. Here is a little family picture we took before the funeral. Not the best of all of us but I had to post it. (why is the pregnant girl in the front? not cool.)


Piper said...

"you're invited to a bbq that's startin' at 4"...
Busy summer. The good and the bad. Glad you all have each other! That's important.

krystind said...

you look so pretty in that picture! i love that dress!!!

Em K DUB said...

Two things. . . .1. Thank you for not posting more pictures from Emily VS. the Turtle, Battle Royale. I can only imagine what some of those look like!

and 2. You do not even look pregnant in that picture so don't be silly!

Mitch N' Golden said...

Oh man the concert in the park! Serious, anyone who goes down and dances is officially crazy! I have had to go to those a few times with the Japanese and I always feel so awkward just to watch them.

And Wonderful pictures of a wonderful family!

dirty>south said...

that pic Elsie took of Kim is money. that needs to be blown up and frizamed.

Kacey Nielsen said...

I love that the Coats still come to town. Moses Lake will never change!

April said...

Sounds like you have been making the most of your summer!! We are trying to here as well although I am sure the weather is not as nice as in Moses Lake. It's been pretty cool all week here. :o( Let me know when you come out this way and maybe we can get together!!

Tyson Pyle said...

uhhhh mitch bates

Annie said...

That is a cute dress you have on in #5, I wore that to church yesterday. I love Target.