Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I hate this part right here....I hate this part right here

Grand Ole Opry have got to be serious? Visions of Conway Twitty, Hank Williams, and Willie Nelson rush through my mind. This is going to be interesting....

Randy Travis has got to be one of the oddest and kind of creepy looking men ever!

One word....ADAM....

what the crap was that!! yesterday I had a debate at the office with a co-worker about Adam, with me taking the "Adam is ridiculous" she agreed with me. The accessories, the tongue, the pulling up of the shirt, the caressing of the leg...all HORRENDOUS, all as Simon said "indulgent". AGHHH!

and although I am huge Danny Gokey fan

I don't think last night was his best performance and I totally agree that the first part was kind of slow. He did end it well, and for that I am thankful.

MY favorites of the night were


(I finally see why he's there)


(sure he sings out of the side of his mouth, which can be annoying, but he has a good voice. Emily and I decided that if Hal Sparks and Rick Moranis had a love child he would look like Kris)sidenote: Emily has officially switched her pick from Adam (blah) to Kris....good choice Emily.

Matt G

(his voice, his skills on the piano...this competition only needs one piano man and the blind guy has got to go)

IN danger of leaving tonight...

I really wanted to say Megan here

but I think the judges pretty much gave her a "free pass" with the major mentionning of her "sickness". Although I am not convinced that she would have done any better if she had been 100% healthy. I think she has an interesting voice, and yes she is hot, but compared to the other contestants I just don't think she deserves to be in the competition very much longer.


(although I do agree with Michael in that country music is often times meant to be more "fun" than vocally challenging, I think Simon's negative comments may persuade the viewers)


(I'm super bummed that she didn't have a good night, cause she is my favorite girl in the competition, but I think she ran into some trouble...)


(I don't think america has the guts to vote out the disabled guy but I am putting the thought out into the universe and hoping it comes true...although you are right Shane...his hair was a big improvement)


Supercords said...

Overall, I'd say last night's outfits were by far the worst we've seen, with Adam's Dracula cape and Gokey's polar coat at the top of the list.

Kimmy said...

You said my thoughts perfectly!

I was especially freaked out by Adam last night! Seriously, he gives me the creeps! I was so glad the judges didn't totally praise him like I thought they would

Alyson said...

About Scott: I am in Seattle right now staying at friends house and they hadn't watched it at all this year. So I was upstairs putting my kids down when I cam down and they were judging Scott's performance. I said, what did you think? She said, he is pretty creepy. He doesn't look you in the eyes and his eyes never move. And he needs a hairdresser. I said, He is BLIND! She felt a little guilty after that. Then I told her his hair was actually an improvement from what it had been. Seriously though, it still has a long ways to go.

Alyson said...

And Adam? Yeah, it was disgusting. The whole hands rubbing all over his body thing was gross and the middle-eastern beats on Johnny Cash? Did you see Music and Lyrics? It is just like Cora. Sick!

michelle Lynn said...

Yes! Anoop rocks my world! I want him to have my baby!

lysh said...

I am so glad that I am not the only one creeped out by Adam. I have not been on his train EVER! They seem to love everything he does but he really bugs me. This last performance made me want to vomit in my mouth. Maybe I would have liked it better if I listened with my eyes shut. It totally reminded me of Music and Lyrics too!

Lori said...

We think alike....who knew? Adam gave me the creeps. Honestly, just because Megan is cute--when are the judges going to mention the most ridiculous dance moves ever? and who is going to buy Scott's music? My mother? She's still looking for her records? Love your blogs...and come over as soon as state is over for bracelet making!!!!