Thursday, March 26, 2009

the music of my heart....

Well I was super excited for Motown night on American Idol, and overall it did not disappoint. Maybe you just can't go too wrong with the soulful stylings of the Motown greats.

Let's start with my least favorites, and the ones in trouble tonight...

Lil Rounds.

First off, is her first name really Lil? Is it short for something? Or is it like Lil' John, or Lil' Wayne? Anyway....
How does a black woman suck on Motown night? MOTOWN! She should be embarrassed.


PINK PANTS! Seriously? I think my comments can be summed up by this...As he's singing, Qiana grabs the remote and tries to change the channel...My baby understands.


How far will a pretty face get you? C'MON!


I thought there was no way somebody could mess up "ain't to proud to beg". It's a classic, and such a great song. I was wrong.

And now for the ones that should be safe tonight....


It was slightly boring, and I don't see him making it to the end, but he's got a nice voice.


He's had better weeks, But both Qiana and I were entertained. I really need him to learn how to sing on both sides of his mouth though...that's getting annoying to watch.


For the first time I didn't want to cut my ears off....I did however, want to cut out my eyes. Hey Adam...Zac Efron called and wants his costume from "Hairspray" back! How did Simon not ridicule this look?


I agree with Kara..good but not great. I did like it when he danced with the backup singers though...SO MOTOWN!


I love love love this song, and I think she did a great job. What a voice!


Matt+Mavin Gaye=joy. Let's get it on! I thought the combination of piano at the beginning, then working the crowd...really worked for him.


Kimmy said...

I was super excited for Motown night. That music just makes me so happy! I felt kind of gitty as the show started. Then, to see Matt starting the show with a little Marvin Gaye...that was fabulous! I even said to Aaron, "Angie's gonna love this one!" I agree with all your picks and thoughts. Are we the same person?!

Supercords said...

I think we both can agree that Scott needs to go tonight.

And on another night, I wish they could expand their themes outside the norm for a change. Maybe throw in an 80's Butt Rock Night, Trip-Hop, or Hardcore. I'd be entertained.

lysh said...

I agree with everything you said 100%. I thought about you when I watched it. Sometimes I forget just how many really great songs from Motown there are. This is the first night I actually liked what Adam did too.