Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The way you make me really turn me on

Even with all of his issues and fact that he is a complete weirdo, Michael Jackson is still one of my favorite artists of all time. He is a brilliant pop artists who gave us so many hits, with two of my absolute favorites being "PYT" and "Human Nature" imagine my utter glee when last night's American Idol had a Michael Jackson theme, and my two favorite contestants Danny Gokey and Matt Giraud sang my favorite Michael Jackson hits. Oh joy!!

So far this year I have less than thrilled about many of the performances and last night was no different. Besides my two favorites, I think there were a couple other good performances, and the others I think should just be voted off and put out of their misery. The funny thing about posting your american idol thoughts is that usually atleast half of your readers disagree, but I think I will do it anyway. What it comes down to is this. Whatever type of music you listen to in real life is usually gonna be the type of singer you like in this competition. If you are a boy you like the cute girls, or if you are an old woman you like the clean cut white's just a fact.


lil'rounds: overrated. Maybe it's because I expect more from black artists, but she has yet to move me. I like to think I have r'n'b in the soul, and for some reason she just doesn't speak to me. And comparing her to Mary J. Blige is just plain blasphemy.

blind guy: If he didn't have a disability this guy wouldnt have made it past Hollywood week. He has a decent voice, but decent voices don't sell records. And don't get me started on his haircut...the guy is blind...why doesn't his parents at least make him look good.

danny gokey: nevermind the fact that he looks like robert downey jr, this guy can sing. white guy with soul, and I love it. plus, despite what simon said I think his dance moves made him that much more sexy. I am really glad he sang an up tempo song, and that he chose my favorite song.

Michael aka: fat Nick Carter: I like him. Will he win? no. But he has a good voice, a good backstory, and doesn't annoy he can stay as long as he wants.

Kris Allen: There is something about a boy that can pay a musical instrument that makes him that much cooler, and Kris Allen is cool. He's got a good voice, a cute smile, and plays the guitar. I think he did a good job on that song, and put his own little twist on it...good job.

Megan: ROCKIN ROBIN! REALLY? and the dancing! aghhhhh. This girl has got to go.

Jasmine: The judges loved her from the beginning, and I never knew why. I think last night they were wondering why too. Not good. just not good at all.

Jorge: LEAVING TONIGHT. Well unless the whole country of Puerto Rico bans together and votes to save him...hey it worked for Jasmine in season three and the whole state of Hawaii.

Annop aka: Kumar: I wanted to like him. I really did. Anoop that's funny. But he just hasn't impressed me in these later stages. Poor guy, and poor michelle...she really loved him.

Allison: she sounds like a 60 year old diner waitress when she talks, but the girl can sing and by far is one of my favorite girl contestants this year (not that there is a big competition for that title this year).

Adam: The judges loved him...I watched the performance a couple of times to see why...I still don't get it. He has a great voice....for broadway...but a pop way. Plus his facial expressions drive me crazy!!! He was okay, and better than alot of people last night...but I'm not jumping on the Adam bandwagon just yet.

Alexis: My favorite girl in the competition. She's little with a big voice, and I like it. I was entertained by her performance, and that's saying alot.

Matt: a little elliot yamin- a little justin timberlake. This guy is one of my favorites, and I think he did a great job last night. The judges said he was "okay" compared to Adam's "amazing" (barf) performance, but I think that he did a great job. But how can you go wrong with a cute guy sitting at a piano singing "Human Nature" by Michael Jackson?


Alyson said...

So I actually agree with you for the most part. I lOVED Matt's performance. So great. Jasmine is definitely my least favorite. She is just not good. It was painful. My other two favorites are Danny and Kris. I agree about the whole instrument thing. It makes them about 100 times sexier! Okay, and the whole punk guy? Sure he is good, but he is so rehearsed that I feel like I am watching a broadway show every time he comes on. But the judges do love him more than the others. I can't figure it out.

Colleen said...

I agree with you for the most part too. It's been a pretty lame season so far, only a couple of amazing voices in that group. Danny, Matt, and Allison are my faves. I think Adam has a great broadway voice too, but his performances always look scripted to me. It's just weird. He just needs to tone it down a bit. I am sad about Anoop's recent performances, because I really like him too. And I am so annoyed that both Megan and Jasmine are there at all. Jasmine is "commercial" so they love her, and Megan...well, I don't really know what they see. I feel like if I had her album it would be like listening to the same song over and over, and the weird twitchy dancing...seriously? I think Simon wants to get with her hot mom. It would be so fun to watch the show with you!

Jill said...

I overall agree with you, I think Matt was my favorite last night. I totally agree on the instrument thing. I think so many of the contestants have no idea what to do with themselves on stage-ala Megan-and having something to hold on to or play really really helps eliminate stupid dancing, stupid microphone tossing and the like.

Emily said...

Yeah seriously what was with the judges falling all over themselves over Adam's performance. . . .I know he's my favorite, but seriously. . . WAYYY too much hype!

Kimmy said...

I am still laughing that you call Michael "fat nick carter" because he does totally look like him! That's funny.

Loved Danny, loved Matt. Alexis is good and doesn't bug me. The rest...oh boy, this this season has been less than impressive!

Supercords said...

I see I'm not the only one who has given their blog over to American Idol. How did this happen?

I'll be checking back regularly.