Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It's been a long, a long time coming, but I know a change gon' come... oh yes it will

GLEE STARTS IN TWO WEEKS...just two weeks...I think I can make it.

On the other side, nothing is frustrating me more than Nigel Lythgoe ruining my once favorite reality show.
So you think you can dance, used to be on the top of my list, but now as the seasons come and go, I am left feeling less and less impressed...and then Nigel, drops the bombshell.
There are some changes coming to SYTYCD. "Great", I thought, maybe this will give the show the needed oomph to get it back on top....but then I read the list of changes.

1. There will no longer be a Top 20, and instead it will be just a Top 10. (So hopefully each Top 10 gets featured the same during Vegas Week, otherwise that first week is going to be rough with audience voting)

2. Dancers will now be paired with past "all=star" contestants, each specializing in a style of dance. (yeah I've seen this's called "Dancing with the Stars")
Two all-stars have already been announced...

3. Partners will change every week, with one contestant going home each week (so one bad week, or bad pairing, and it's over)

4. Rotating judges (could be a good thing...maybe Nigel and Mary Murphy will rotate out as well...I grow tired of them very quickly)

5. The competitors will no longer pick their genres of dance (does this mean the producers decide?....seems kind of random and unfair)

Changes I think they should have made:

1. go back to the smaller stage, that big stage just overpowers the dancers unless it's the group numbers.

2. less flattery and self-promotion. let's focus more on the dancers and less on the choreographers. The first season, we didn't even know who the choreographers were.

3. Stop criticizing the dancers on things they don't control: costumes, choreography, and music choice are not their decisions.

I am hoping for the best but I fear that SYTYCD will join American Idol, Survivor, and Big Brother in "reality shows I no longer care about".

What do you think?


Kimmy said...

The countdown for Glee has begun!! I definitely have been missing it in my life. Maybe that's why I can't sleep at night?!

I am not excited about these changes to SYTYCD. I was kind of teetering anyway, but this might have made my decision for me. I don't think I would miss it. Remember how cool it was the first few seasons?! THE BEST!

lindsay>boo said...

Yeah, I think SYTYCD just may have jumped the shark.

I'm excited for Glee though! Can't wait!!!

Myca said...

Ugh! Why is SYTYCD doing this? So stupid...what's funny is that I stopped watching american idol and survivor after last season...just really lost interest. Too funny.

Colleen said...

Nooooo! Those changes are just going to make it worse! Agreed on all YOUR suggestions. Boo.

Mandi said...

We too, are excited for Glee. We even have family dance parties to some of their numbers. I didn't know about these changes to SYTYCD either. Lame. I don't think I'm going to like it....