Thursday, September 9, 2010

Don't need no hateration, holleration' In this dancery...

Bumbershoot 2010...and it was awesome!!  The weather was less than ideal, but the good company, good food, and good performances, made it totally worth it.  

On our way over we stopped in North Bend at the outlet mall, and I got some excellent deals on fall clothes for Q. The Carter's store had almost everything 50-60% off, plus I got another 25% off of the total was amazing.  

That evening we headed over to this piano bar. michelle had been to the one in Seattle with her co workers, and so we decided to try it out. It was a slow night, but it was the only night we could go, but it was still really fun. We got a an appetizer and a dessert, and chilled with out water and sang along with the piano man. 

(shape of an "L" on her forehead..yeah someone actually requested that song!)
At one point the piano man asked if anyone wanted to come up and sing...of course our Emily jumped at the chance,,,and it didn't take much coaxing from me to get her ON the piano..
her first song was a little rough...she has some issues with her vocal chords, but she got up again and sang "a song for you", and totally killed it. We were no longer embarrassed to be with her. hahaha

Then this guy, Randy got up to sing...yeah all it took was for me to call him Rand-man, and he jumped on the piano as well...Don't worry, i try and use my powers of persuasion for good and not evil. 
Everything was good, until the piano man decided to basically play the whole Beatles discography...that wasn't so fun.

The next day, after we got up, did some shopping (I went to my first Whole Foods...and am now obsessed...that place is grocery heaven), 
we headed into Seattle and to Bumbershoot 2010....
Labor Day in Seattle and it was cold and rainy...gotta love it? Not when you are at an outdoor music festival...
They had a bunch of food vendors, and shop vendors all along with walkways...they had some interesting products. 
the food was delicious...michelle and I decided to try and be adventurous, so we got these salmon and cream cheese piroshky..i think they are russian or something...but they were delicious!!  and even though it was freezing, I still had to get a delicious fruity this black raspberry in my mouth!
Poor Emily and her Ideal protein diet...survived on protein shakes and cucumbers...not awesome.

and of course our favorite pasttime...people is a typical Bumbershoot go-er....enough said

Our first performance was a local hip-hop artist named Victor Shade. And if you can get past the crazy non-sensical outfit..he was pretty awesome.   
Then we watched this rock pop group called BOAT. Apparently, their shows are usually full of confetti, signs, kazoos, and humor. They were pretty entertaining. 

While walking around we also caught a little bit of this rock group's performance
Jeff the Brotherhood

Then it was time to get in line for the Mainstage concert.  It had been cold all day, but it wasn't until this point that it decided to rain...and keep raining the rest of the night.  
So we waited in line for an hour to get into the Mainstage...
While waiting in line, we had a bunch of people try and walk past us and skip through the us, and those high school boys decided to form a barrier of bodies to prevent the skipping.  It was so funny though cause when somebody would try and get through, I would just stand there staring into space with a straight face and completely ignore them...michelle couldn't keep a straight face and was laughing...she could never be a spy.
Then we waited in the Mainstage arena for another 2 hours for the concert to even start...yep, that's how it done. with no assigned seating, it becomes a first come thing.
We tried to entertain ourselves the best we could, but nothing could distract from the cold...yuck.  
the crazy fans hung out for hours right by the stage, uncovered..we decided to sit in the side areas, slightly covered, and thus not completely drenched by the time the night was over.  

The first act was this new hip-hop artist signed to Jay-Z's label named J. Cole.  He's got a cool single out called "Who Dat"...pretty good.  
He was entertaining.

Next was Drake!!  Oh man, It was awesome.  He sang every song I wanted him to. And sounded super good. At one point he brought a girl on stage..yeah we were jealous. 
There were some pretty interesting people in the crowd..such a crazy group of people, but this lady and her STICK were by far my favorite!!  She was so fun to watch...

And finally it was Mary J Blige! At this point we had been in the rain for 5.5 hours, and sitting in the concert area for 4.5 but that didn't stop us from completely enjoying her performance! Plus, once we got up on our feet and started dancing I even got a little warm.  Oh it was just awesome.  She sang so many of her hits..even all the way back to "real Love"...and sounded just absolutely fabulous!!  Plus I re fell in love with "no more drama"...that song is my jam!!

Of course my camera died, before I could get any video of Mary..but trust me, it was amazing. 

After a very long, but excellent day we headed home...
Oh I love times like these. 


melanie said...

Leaving out the cold, that sounds like a perfect outing. Good deals, good food, good music and people watching. What more could you ask for?

I love Whole Foods and Trader Joe's. I could shop for hours in those grocery stores.

Supercords said...

Did Drake turn into a robot fueled by Sprite and spit some cheesy white boy rhymes as he sold out to the man, or am I confusing him with some other generic rapper who single handily ruined every movie-going experience for me in the last 4 months, as I was forced to watch that OBNOXIOUS commercial over and over again, as if I was caught in some kind of Clockwork Orange nightmare?

Colleen said...

What an incredibly fun weekend with your girlfriends! I love your hair. And I also love Whole Foods. It IS grocery heaven! Food, great music, friends. PERFECT!

Lizzie Ann said...

Looks like tons of fun! Glad you had a great time (minus the rain).

Kimmy said...

You guys are hard core! Glad the rain didn't ruin your weekend.

Annie said...

That looks fun!

lindsay>boo said...

Sounds like a blast!