Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hey girl, it's your birthday....

Two. Qiana is Two.

Two years since this little girl came into my life.
and she is perfect for me.

a funny combination of snuggle bug, silly girl, and diva.

Fun facts about Qiana;

She has really become interested in helping out. Helping clean messes, helping get her diaper and wipes, helping load and unload the dishwasher, helping put laundry in the dryer, and helping wash her body and hair in the tub.  In fact, sometimes she is unwilling to let any of these things happen unless she can help.

She has become obsessed with "yours" and "mine". She loves bringing people their shoes, phones, cups, blankets, food, purses, etc.

She is still not into independent play.  Good side: I never have to worry about her getting into things she's not supposed to. Bad side: I can't do anything without my little shadow wanting to be by my side "helping out".
Often times, when I am in the midst of getting ready for the day or cleaning I hear a "sit, sit"...meaning "mommy stop what you are doing, and come be with me"....try saying no to that.

She loves to color. Especially when I trace her hand. I have to trace her hand multiple times in one coloring session. She laughs everytime. Then she traces mine..She basically scribbles in between two of my fingers, and thinks she is so awesome.

She loves getting "pretty hair" and will make sure I do it in the morning before we leave.

She loves animals...I don't know how to deal with this. She loves visiting the horses and petting every dog we come across at the farmer's market.  She will never have a pet of her own..that's not my style...but she loves them.

She loves accessories. Loves hats, glasses, jewelry, purses, etc.

  She is now obsessed with movies. I have watched all the ones we have so many times!!  But she loves it. She loves to "nuggle" on the couch, piled with her blankets, and watch whatever movie she has picked out. Add in some snacks and milk and she is in heaven.

She has really embraced that terrible two thing and has started having such attitude with me, and has somehow added the dreaded "shut up" to her vocabulary. I'm assuming she learned it at daycare, cause I don't say it, but she knows how to use it and has such power behind it. So time-outs, lectures, and different word options are now part of our daily lives.  I'm sure my mom is loving this.

Although she has got some attitude, she can still be so tender hearted. When she gets in trouble she wants a hug afterwards and just needs me to tell her it's gonna be okay. I know she feels bad when she lashes out and I feel bad that she doesn't know how to stop herself yet.

She loves food, and it's not a problem getting her to eat, although most meals are consumed on the ottoman in the family room. I know it's not the best idea, but I just couldn't see us two eating alone at a kitchen table. Maybe when she's older.  Unfortunately for me, she's not the cleanest eater and I have to vacuum every couple days to get rid of the crumbs and debris.

When I get ready in the morning, she begs to sit on the counter where she can get into the drawer to play with my make-up. She likes to fix herself up like me.

She loves to read her books, although "reading" is mostly her flipping the pages and pointing at things. But we're working on it.

When she wakes up in the morning or after her naps, she just stands in her crib and calls out "Mom, Mom" (but with a slight Boston sounding tone).  When I go to get her she likes to point out that she has left her binky and blankets in the crib.

The girl loves her sleep. She takes either two naps a day for a couple hours each, or big nap for about 3 hours.  And at night she is often willing to call it night around 7:30, and sleeps until 7:15 in the morning.  Sometimes, I've tried keeping her up later at night or postponing a nap to suit my schedule, but when she's tired she will whine "bed, bed" and start walking back to her room.  Oh how I dread the day this will change.

She talks like crazy, but you can only understand about every 4th word.  Some words are clear as day, and then she goes on a crazy rant and you just have to laugh and nod your head.

Words she says:

Sit up 
Nana (banana)
Wa (water)
Oh no
I uh ooh (I love you)
Mote (remote)
Help me
Emily (Em-ly)
Mom (kind of said with a Boston accent)
Yo (Yo gabba gabba)

*addendum: words I forgot
bathroom (meaning bath)
thank you
see-later (see a later)
(These are the words she can say on her own, although she can mimic almost anything when I ask her to repeat it. )

She loves to give hugs and kisses. To me, to Emily, to family, to friends, to anyone I ask her to.
The girl is a lover...and a fighter.

And I wouldn't have it any other way.


Kimmy said...

Qiana is so special to us, too. We just love her. She's so sweet and fun and funny! I know she will have a great day because she's got a mom that loves her to death. :)

(I love the hug after getting in trouble. So much like Elsie!)

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

And a Happy Birthday to Q!

lindsay>boo said...

So cute. Love that girl! She is so special and we love her to pieces over here.

But you only have to vacuum every couple of days? Newsflash--that's actually a really clean eater! Apparently you haven't eaten around Chloe in awhile---she can make an eating area look like complete trash in one sitting.

Happy Birthday Q! Can't wait to celebrate your birthday on Saturday!!!

Kelsey and Jon Edwards said...

Happy Birthday Q! Such a cute post for a cute little girl!

melanie said...

You forgot 'move' on her list of words. Remember when she was telling Emily to move so she could sit down. Too funny.

She's simple adorable! Happy Birthday Qiana!!

Larry and Janice said...

What an awesome mother/daughter team! Lucky Angie - Lucky Q! I'm finally doing some way overdue blog catchup - late happy birthday to Q! Will I ever get to meet her and Elsie in person??