Saturday, September 4, 2010

So this is love... So this is what makes life divine

Things I love
by. Qiana

I love when mommy and me go outside and I can see the horses

I try and get as close as I can, even though mom thinks it's pretty gross. 

I love sitting in the bafrooms and watching people get ready. I bring in my tiger chair and just get comfortable. 

I'm sure they love it and I'm not in the way at all. 

I love accessories. I get it from Auntie Em. I just think that a girl can never have too many accessories.

I even force my stuff on others...I just think I know what's cute and they don't

I love big bear. At first, I was pretty scared of is a huge bear. but now I love to squeeze it, hug it, and give it kisses. I love big bear

I love swings. I like it when my mommy pushes me high and I can feel the wind on my face.  

Mommy says that soon it will be too cold to hang out outside. That makes me sad. I love playing outside. 

I love collecting sticks and rocks. Good thing we have a lot in our driveway. I like putting my collection in my wagon and pulling it around with me. 
Whenever we are outside I find some a stick to carry with me. 

I don't like getting in trouble. I know I can be crazy sometimes, but it really hurts my feelings when I get in trouble. I usually cry and put my head down. I usually need a hug from mommy to make it all better...but then I'm back to being the crazy me. what can I say...I'm a diva.


Kimmy said...

We love it outside, too. Oh, it's going to be sad when the weather turns on us. Q, you sure are a sweetheart!

Cali said...

We love YOU Q!!

melanie said...

Oh Q, you are adorably cute and funny. I love your pout face and that you can pull out of it really quick. Plus it's pretty cute when you tell people to move so you can sit down.

Earl Family said...

You need to get that girl in the movies.

A Bug's Life said...

I love when you do these kind of posts. So sweet and will be a treasure for her later. Dai

camery said...

what a great post! i love your face in the last picture...classic. Miss you two!

Emily Katlyn West said...

Uh what happened to not getting a shot of me in my towel? Ha Ha oh well, man I love Q