Tuesday, September 28, 2010

things that make you go hmmmmm....

Life has hit either a rut or rhythm, depending on how you want to look at it.  Nothing exciting has happened, but we are getting by each day with a smile.

The TV season has officially begun, and thus most of my nights are consumed with laughter, drama, and intriguing story lines...all courtesy of fake characters.  But I love it.  Without Tv, my nights would be pretty darn lonely.

After the 1st week, I have already eliminated a couple shows from the rotation (Nikita, and the defenders). And have voted Hawaii 5-0 my favorite new show...with a major crush on Scott Caan growing...

I am already loving Glee, and have been anxiously counting down the hours until tonight's Britney Spears episode...I have a feeling it's gonna be awesome.

One of my favorite reality shows, the Amazing Race, has begun and I have chosen my team to root for (the dr's), and have begun a loathing campaign against The biological mother/daughter team that is so boring and creepy, and the tattooed couple...who are just complete idiots.

How I met your mother was freakin fantastic last night when Barney thought he was black, and was singing all soulful with wayne brady and ben vereen...hilarious....oh and with the addition of "auto-tune"...just awesome.

The young tribe on Survivor was so stupid to vote out one of their guys so early in the game...but that guy turned out to be a real douche. 

Emily recently watched "the time traveler's wife" through a free HBO weekend.....I'm sorry to all women who thought it was super romantic...but we just didn't get it, and I thought it was super creepy.  If I ever found out that my little daughter was meeting some older man (who claimed to be her future husband) in the woods behind my house...I would not be too happy...just creepy.

I have always been more fascinated with baking rather than cooking. I like the exactness of it all. there is a definite recipe to everything. I like that. Recently, I have begun a quest to perfect the art of the cupcake.  Each Sunday I try out a new recipe, new flavor combination, and bring it to work on Monday for people to try.  So far it's been really fun, and I have had some real successes.
Flavors made:
Pina Colada Cupcake with Coconut Frosting
Red velvet with cream cheese frosting
Lemon Cupcake with Raspberry Cream Frosting
German Chocolate Cupcake with Coconut Pecan custard frosting
White Cupcake with Lavender filling, and Lime Zest Frosting
Chocolate Cupcake with peanut butter filling, and chocolate ganache topping
Peaches and Cream Cupcake with Vanilla bean Frosting. 
Chocolate Cupcake with Coconut Filling, and Coconut Cream frosting
Banana Chocolate chip cupcake with Nutella Frosting
and my most recent...savory cupcake adventure
Maple Bacon Cupcake with Maple Frosting, and Bacon Crumbles

Songs I am loving right now:
Bruno Mars: Just the way you are
Linkin Park; the catalyst
Trey songz: Bottoms up
B.O.B. feat. Rivers Cuomo: Magic
Nicki Minaj: Your love


Kelsey and Jon Edwards said...

Ok seriously with the tatooed morons! I couldn't even believe it.
Time Traveler's Wife made me want to slit my wrists. Worst movie ever. I thought it was particularly creepy that she got pregnant from the past version of her husband. Weird.
I really really want to be a part of your cupcake experiment. That just makes me happy. When you come to Utah you need to try the Cocoa Bean. You will love it.

Kacey Nielsen said...

I am so fascinated by the thought of a maple bacon cupcake I really cannot think about anything else at this moment...

Kimmy said...

Don't you think the guy on Survivor that was asked if he was gay by the douche guy (wow, why can't I remember names?) looks like Enrique Iglesias?!

Glee makes me truly happy. I thoroughly enjoyed the Britney episode. That music still makes me smile. :)

I have Time Traveler's Wife on my DVR...I guess that means I shouldn't bother. That's alright, I love to delete things.

You MUST share some of these cupcake recipes when we meet again. I think about them on a daily basis.

Love ya!

melanie said...

I love this post and agree with all of it. Already love Glee, Survivor and Amazing Race this year. Jeff especially didn't like that guy, I love the way he talked to him like he was disgusted. I was. I couldn't finish the book Time Traveler's Wife and have no desire to see the movie.

Every time I see a cupcake recipe or magazine featuring them now, I think of you. Every one of those sound amazing!