Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Just to have you.....back again

While most households may have been filled with the stress of putting together fantasy football teams, mine has been concentrated on getting my fall tv line-up together.  I'm always a little relieved when I have no conflicts.  It's finding happiness in the little things right?

8:00-Amazing Race CBS     sept 26
10:00-Brothers and Sisters ABC      sept 26

8:00-How I Met Your Mother CBS    sept 20
         House FOX           sept 20
         90210 CW          started
9:00-Gossip Girl CW    started
10:00-Castle ABC       sept 20
           Hawaii Five-O CBS             sept 20

8:00-No ordinary family ABC      sept 28
         Glee FOX                     sept 21
9:30-Running Wilde* FOX    sept 21
10:00-Parenthood NBC     started

7:00-Top Chef: Just Desserts* BRAVO      started
8:00-Survivor CBS                     started
         America's next top model CW       started
9:00-Modern Family ABC               sept 22
         Criminal Minds CBS               sept 22
9:30-Cougar Town ABC               sept 22
10:00-The defenders CBS        sept 22
           Law and Order: Los angeles NBC    sep 29

8:00-Community NBC     sept 23
8:30-30 Rock NBC          sept 23
9:00-the Office NBC       sept 23
         Grey's anatomy ABC   sept 23
9:30-Outsourced NBC      sept 23
10:00-Private Practice ABC   sept 23
           The Mentalist CBS      sept 23

9:00-CSI:NY CBS                  sept 24
10:00-Blue Bloods* CBS    sept 24

9:00-Chase NBC     sept 25
10:00-Law and Order SVU    sept 25

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Kimmy said...

Thank goodness for DVR, right?! I don't know how you would keep that organized otherwise. Enjoy the season. :)