Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas just ain't christmas without the one you love..

Every year my friends and I have a little Christmas gift exchange, and it is always so fun. This year Michelle spent the night after Emily's costume party and the next morning we had a yummy breakfast

and opened up gifts.

I just love my girls. We've had quite a ride, and the ride is almost over.


::lindsay said...

Looks like fun! That sleep mask of Michelle's is awesome! And love your earrings. And your bag made me laugh too.

auntiescary said...

Ok - so I want your earrings AND the cupcake books. I've bben looking athe books for a while now and couldn't bring yself to spend the $$$. Guess I'll have to have you email some pages once in a while! Love you! Q is adorable!

Emily Katlyn West said...

Out of all the stuff we do, i'd say we do friend christmas the best! I'm never disappointed!