Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Students listen to the lesson I be teaching. Learn by Holy Intellect cuzz it's a blessing.

Some more super random Pop culture musings:

1. Often times when a song comes on that was used for a routine on SYTYCD or ABDC that routine, inevitably runs through my head the whole song.  I hear Apologize-and the Jabbawockeez come to mind, Bleeding Love-and Chelsie and Mark's routine pops in my head....

2. Oh Survivor, you found a way to suck me back in. Boston Rob on for another season...heck yes! Too bad I have to put up with Napoleon-complex Russell...but I'd do anything for Boston Rob.

3. I watched that movie "Valentine's Day" a couple weeks ago. The movie is seriously packed with like every star in hollywood and yet it was just...lame. I did get completely inspired by Jessica Beal's anti-love party, and hope to have my own broken heart pinata to crush with a bat this Valentine's day...

4. O-TOWN IS REUNITING!! Well minus APA (ashley parker angel for those who don't know)..not quite sure what he is doing that is keeping him too busy for this reunion, but the show will go on without him.  Maybe Ikaika can fill in for him?

5.  I really hate it when shows move around mid-season totally messing with my tv schedule. 30 rock moves to 10:00pm and now I have to sacrifice 30 minutes from either The Mentalist or Private does a girl decide between Taye Diggs or Simon Baker can't! you just can't!


Kimmy said...

I totally do the same thing with songs from SYTYCD!!! And it always makes me laugh when I do it. I will now think of you as well. :)

I can't let go of Survivor either. I have not updated myself on the new season, so I did not know about Boston Rob. He's on again?!? That makes my day!

I just listened to an O-town song the other day. Kinda still love it!

Kacey Nielsen said...

Dance ruins/makes music! There are few songs I can listen to that I don't relate to some dance I have watched. Sometimes, it makes the song a million times better, sometimes it makes you want to pull your ears out every time it comes on the radio.

Myca said...

You can't give up private practice!! And I am totally there with you as far as dance and music goes. ALL. THE. TIME. A lot of the time it is ballroom choreography I have going on in my head and I never even did ballroom!
Oh yeah when did the new survivor start?

melanie said...

I'm always going to quit Survivor and then I just can't. I get sucked in every time. I didn't know about the new season either but I'm a shoe in if Boston Rob is on. Russell....NO!

Hard to choose between those two guys. What about Hulu every now and then?