Friday, January 21, 2011

Don’t let haters get me off my grind... Whip my hair, if I know I’ll be fine

Q's hair is a constant fascination for me. I was ready for hair that needed more conditioning that caucasian hair. I was ready to teach her to sit still while I combed through the tangles and knots. I was ready to come up with all sorts of cute styles to make her coarse hair more manageable. 

But instead, Q came with this hair. 
Super fine and super curly. And at 2 1/2 years old it still hasn't fully come in...or maybe it has, and she won't have the full head of hair that I was expecting.

In the morning her hair looks like this.  Slightly matted, with occasional tangles...but no where near the nappiness I thought I would have to handle. Just a little bit of water, some leave-in conditioner, and a little combing through and she is ready to go. 

Notice the major emptiness in the back? Will this ever fill in?

After an especially crazy night of sleep or after I've been playing with it too much her hair looks very similar to Gene Wilder's in Willy Wonka...I often fear she will take away my everlasting gobstopper..

The other day, I thought I'd try to see if I could straighten her massively curly hair. I just quickly blew it dry with brushing through it, and used a small roundbrush. I didn't want to put too much effort into it, but it turned out okay.
Although I think, combined with her old fashioned looking dress, she looks like something straight out of the Color Purple...not exactly the look we were going for. 

We still put her hair in little ponytails or "pretty's" as she calls them, but she has some massive flyaways and fringe around the front, so she looks like she's rocking some wispy bangs...again...don't know if this will grown in either. 

I wash her hair every 3 days, so it doesn't get too dry, but use a leave in conditioner and smoothing serum each day. But her hair is actually quite soft, and as daishan's Rian described it "her hair feels like a sheep".
But when it's wet, it definitely has more of a wet shaggy dog appearance!!

With her lack of much length, massive curl, and large amounts of wispy fringe in the front, we choose to rock this style most days.
We embrace the curly, slap on a headband to cover up the missing hair in front, and give a feminine touch so people won't assume she's a boy (yep, people still call her a boys sometimes..apparently no amount of pink can outshine a short haircut when deciding a child's sex)


Kimmy said...

I feel like Elsie's hair hasn't completely grown in either. Will it ever happen?!

Anonymous said...

I didn't know that Rian said that! Funny. I think that she rocks the headband look. Daishan

Kacey Nielsen said...

I know tons of people who didn't have all of their hair filled in until they were like six. Hopefully you won't have to wait that long but I bet she still has more hair to come. Have you ever seen Courtney's hair as a kid? She had an insane number of wispies in the front. It took awhile but normal hair she did achieve. And I'm with Daishan, the headband look is too adorable on her.

ashleyboice said...

Everyday people tell me my daughter is beautiful. I am pretty sure that means it is time for a hair cut.

She is beautiful.

::lindsay said...

I'm with Kim...

I feel like Chloe and even Kaiya's hair hasn't grown in yet. What is up with the Bates girls of this generation?! Kaiya's hair is so fine, nothing at all like the thick hair I have. Chloe's is all wispy still and the front is just trying to grow in so she has a mullet.

No way is Qiana's hair all the way in yet. She is gorgeous though, so even if it stayed the way it is, she'd be beautiful!

melanie said...

They say hair isn't all the way in until 5-6. She's got a long way to go. You'll be surprised, I bet it fills in quickly once it starts.

Alissa Maxwell said...

Oh my goodness! In those pictures with straight hair, she looks so much like Elsie (or I guess like you and Kim!). Remember Amy Faulk? She was baby bald even in her kindergarten school picture, so there's lots of time for more growing!

Emily Katlyn West said...

"Miss Cely, Miss Cely look here...." Seriously she is workin' that color purple chiq! I have to agree though Q rocks the headband like no one else!