Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hit me with your best shot...

While most people are writing about their exciting New Years eve events...I can summarize mine in one sentence: I sat at home alone, watched 3 episodes on Veronica Mars (I got addicted again), two movies (Going the distance, and Grown-ups), and an episode of instead...

Let me hit ya with some random pop culture thoughts....

1. I tried watching the first episode of Paula Abdul's "Live to Dance"...and it was painful. I'm just not a fan of shows that allow all ages to try out. It makes me uncomfortable. The old people are never very good, and who wants to tell a child that they didn't make it through?  It was two hours of awkwardness that I will never watch again.  My one highlight was watching 3 ex-Solid Gold dancers try out...and realizing that I could totally beat them in a dance battle.  I always wanted to be a Solid Gold dancer, and now realize that I totally could be.

2. Jersey Shore is back...and it is one fantastic hour of guilt pleasure television.  Man, these people are crazy, but I just love it. Man, I want to spend a summer at the shore!  Do any of you watch this show? Do you think that Sammy is probably the most BORING person on the planet?? Talk about all looks and no personality.

3. I finished Season 3 and Season 4 of Dexter in one week. Yeah, I'm that awesome, and that show is THAT good! It's a Showtime show, so anyone who can't handle that kind of language or violence wouldn't be fan, but it so freakin intense. I love it. Michael C. Hall plays creepy so good, and it can be quite humorous to watch his character try and socially relate to other characters.

4. Bruno Mars, R Kelly, and Jamie Foxx all came out with just fantastic albums in the last few months. Check them out.

5. Q is obsessed with movies, and we have watched ours so many times. Her favorites are the Shrek's and Toy Story's...with Princess and the Frog being her ultimate favorite.  I have now seen Toy Story 3 about 10 times, and tear up a little each Kevin Smith (a famous director/writer) described's like Shindler's list for toys.

6. I am addicted to Top Chef. and am loving Top Chef: Masters. I love watching the amazing dishes they produce each week amidst the drama and humorous conversations.  My favorites are Dale T. (a good friend of my brother Mitch), Fabio (he just makes me laugh), and Richard (he should have won his season, and I think he may take this season!). I don't know how Jamie is still there...that girl is ridiculous, and has yet to really make any significant dishes.

7. I am super excited that White Collar is coming back soon on USA. I am just a sucker for Neil. I'm also stoked for the return of Parks and Rec...I just love that show, and the Thursday night NBC line-up just isn't the same without it.

8. Out of all the shows I watch, I think one of my favorites is Jimmy Fallon. Every episode I laugh, and it has produced such amazing clips like The Pro Bowl shuffle, the University of Oregon power ballad, and Jimmy and Justin's rap medley.

9. I don't know if that new Michael Jackson album is legit or not, but that song with Akon "Hold my Hand" is the JAM!

What is your JAM right now?

10. I wish that the Sing-off was longer than 3 weeks. I miss it already. American Idol, and even So you think you can dance seem to last forever sometimes, but that show...with awesome talent is only on for like 5 episodes...not long enough.  Ben Folds is so funny, and intelligent, that even though I only understand about 50% of what comes out of his mouth, I am still thoroughly entertained by every word. Shawn Stockman, is like a cooler, hipper, smoother Randy Jackson who makes more sense, gives better advice, and can actually pull of huge diamond earrings and geeky chic sweaters.  I loved seeing what each group sang each week, and loved when they would sing super poppy songs. Plus their swan songs were always fun to hear.

What would your swan song be?


Kimmy said...

I seriously have zero input on most of the shows you are referring to, but, YES, I miss "The Sing-off". It made me so happy, and it was a show we could all watch together.

I am loving the Bruno Mars album that I copied from you. Aaron and I can actually agree on that one!

We've kind of been on a movie kick lately. We really like Easy A...thanks for the recommendation.

Kimmy said...

Oh, and just to let you know, we were in bed by eleven new year's eve. We rock!

Myca said...

Um I LOVE Dexter. The writing for that show is amazing. And I have been debating if I want to start watching jersey shore again...I watched the first season and then kinda skipped the second season. Is it that good? Am I missing out? :)
Oh and Live to dance was HORRIBLE!

Kristy said...

I love that you are watching Veronica Mars again. We are obsessed with that show. Also, I totally love Neil as well. Speaking of White Collar, notice how it says "Tiffany Theisen"? Distancing herself from her past?

angie said...

Myca, I'm not quite sure I can say you NEED to watch Jersey Shore...but it's pretty awesome. there is a new roommate this season, who started a fight with Sammy on the first night!!

Anonymous said...

I've been thinking all day long about what my swan song could be and i haven't come up with a darn thing. I'm not very good at recalling those kind of things, but I should be. Hello--I was a Street Rocker!

I love Top Chef and obviously Sing off and I just have to ditto EXACTLY everything you wrote about the judges and the contestants. I think I would have had a complete melt down on the dim sum challenge but so fun to watch.

Sorry we never got to have cupcakes. I sure could use one right now. d

melanie said...

I love it when you post like this. Your top notch taste never steers me wrong. I love Top Chef, Sing Off and Veronica Mars (I need to start that series all over again, it's been awhile).

Toy Story gets me every time too.

Emily Katlyn West said...

My Swan Song.... SO What by Pink... I don't care if you kick me off your show I'm still a rockstar!