Tuesday, December 13, 2011

all of the lights all of the lights

Last weekend we headed down with Kimmy and crew to the Riverwoods area to see the lights, talk to Santa, and ride the free horse carriage. Q has become obsessed with lights this year, so it's super fun to let her gaze at all the cool lights adorning the trees.

Q had no qualms about getting up on Santa's lap and was anxious to tell him what she wanted for Christmas. Sometime it can be embarrassing that she isn't shy, but most of the time I'm pretty happy that she's such an outgoing girl.

We also headed up to Salt Lake last weekend as well to eat out, ride the Trax, and check out the lights at Temple Square. They don't light as many trees as the used to on the temple grounds but it was still pretty, and Q loved it so it was worth it. Plus we got to hang out with Kimmy and crew and Jeff/Nicole and family so that is always fun. What wasn't fun, was my rough and extremely embarrassing fall I took on the escalator. Still haven't quite figured out how to work the stroller on the down escalator....and my butt sure took the punishment for it.

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dirty>south said...

i hate it when i miss embarrassing falls. please recreate and send video.