Friday, December 16, 2011

i'm giving love for christmas

Q's preschool had their first program yesterday. It was so super cute!! I'm mad at myself for forgetting extra batteries for my camera, so most videos and pictures were taken from my cell although the quality is poor, I hope it gives a little hint at how great it was. Qiana is by far the youngest in her class (since she just turned 3 at the end of September), but she tries her best.

First, let me show you what we made for her teachers. I spent a few hours with Kimmy and some ladies making DIY coasters. it was easy and turned out so cute. I made a 4 pack of them for each teacher. Then Q and I made these tree ornaments with her name on the back for each teacher.

Speaking of teachers, Here are Miss Vicki and Miss Honey. She also has a couple teachers that teach her the dancing and singing, but I missed a picture with them. 

Q just loves her teachers, and they are so good with her. 

For their program they sang a bunch of songs, did a dance, did sign language to "silent night", and talked about Santa and Jesus. Q would get distracted often, but managed to always come back and do some singing or hand motions. She had a couple twin girls surrounding her that did NOT want to participate in the program and it was funny watching Q try to figure out what was going on with them. At one point she shook the jingle bells directly in the face of one of them in order to elicit some participation from them, and the other she forced into dancing with her until the little girl broke down crying in which Q yelled to me "she's crying mom". poor girls. but funny. 

At the end of the program, the kids got to meet Santa and get a candy cane and a book. 

Plus the parents got a wonderful present of a cute picture the teachers had taken a couple weeks before.  many told me that Q's picture was the best of them, and I cant argue. Its pretty darn magical. 


Anonymous said...

Man she takes some great pictures. How magical is that? sounds like a pretty great preschool. daishan

Kimmy said...

My favorite was her Stevie Wonder move! I'm so glad we got to come.

Jill said...

That picture is adorable! I love little kids programs, they are hilarious! Glad you are having a good holiday season.