Thursday, December 15, 2011

have a funky funky christmas

My childhood Christmas memories are filled with pictures of graham cracker houses made with Woodruff's. we did it every year, and I just loved it. I think we did it one time many years ago when i was living in Utah and Jared and Kim were just newly married, but haven't done it since...and I missed it. I just love seeing what each person comes up with. In my youth it was always a guess as to what Tyson and Jared would do to their houses, that soon became major complexes after all the add on's. 
This year we got together at Kyle Woodruff's house, and got to have a delicious dinner that his wife Jamie made (halibut chowder), hang out with his kids, Janice, and of course Kimmy and Elsie. After dinner, we set up the houses, and let the kids do their thing! Q loved it. After the kids were done and ready to play, the adults took some time to decorate their own houses. Oh it was awesome. it was so fun to sit, talk, laugh, and be so peaceful decorating the house. It was such a fun time! We sure did miss all the rest of the Bates and Woodruff family members!! 

Kyle was such a good sport and let the kids just jump all over him. He took turns chasing each of the kids around, and let them ride him like a dinosaur. They loved it!!

And here are our finished products! 


dirty>south said...

hope you taught Q to pack the attic tight with M&Ms. wish we were there.

Adam & Sarena Sharp said...

I missed being there! Did anyone add insulation? Decks? Landscaping?!? Love you guys and this fun tradition!
ps - I need jared and kim's address to belated Christmas cards. Could you email me?