Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Come on, come talk to me

Let's talk about Q. 
Man, this girl is crazy. but crazy in a good way. She makes me laugh all the time. She is so energetic, dramatic, talkative, quizzative, expressive, and kind. 

here are some little tid bits about my miss Q. 

1. She loves herself some bandages (yes she calls them bandages not bandaids). Elsie had hurt her finger, and Q then felt like she hurt her nose and thus a bandage was needed for healing. 

2. She loves herself some babies. She will point out every baby every where we go, and say "look at that cute baby!" in the loudest voice possible. 

3. She was getting really good at riding Elsie's scooter, but then graduated to her own bike. We are still working on steering and pedaling at the same time, but she is getting pretty good, and really loves it. 

4. This girl is a fish. She loves herself some water. A few weeks ago we had filled these buckets for the girls to use with the water squirters, but instead they decided to make them into ghetto pools. But they had so much fun. look as these poses in the buckets. some really good booty tooching going on there (any top model fans out there)

Speaking of water. Q had a very successful spring filled with swim lessons. She completed preschool levels 1-3 in 3 sessions, and really progressed quickly. She loves swimming, loves the water, and really enjoyed floating on her back in the water.

5. She loves being outside. Whether it's the park, or kim's backyard, or anywhere. She loves being out in the nice weather. collecting sticks or rocks, playing on the swings, digging in the dirt, or enjoying the sun.  



6. She loves cute things. These pink sparkly shoes are her favorite and she tries to wear them as much as she can. She insist I paint her nails all the time, and I musn't forget the glitter! Often when I get done doing her hair in the morning, she'll look at herself in the mirror and exclaim "it's gorgeous!".
I got her this cute shirt, and I just think it makes her look so bohemian urban. She thought she was so adorable. 

another funny thing about Q:
She is getting a lot better at coloring, and sometimes I can even tell what she's trying to draw. The girl is funny when it comes to coloring. She wants to draw on the randomest things. Every card, every piece of paper-especially receipts, junk mail, flyers, every little baggy, every object she finds, she feels the need to color. I've had to tell her multiple times that we only color on paper, but I think she may be some random graffitti artist when she gets older (watch on Banksy)


Kacey Nielsen said...

Q has the best stylist. She always looks so fashionably adorable! I love her pose on the rocks.

"She insists I paint her nails a** the time." Best typo ever.

dirty>south said...

hahah band-aid on the nose reminds me of Booker T when he used to wear the breath-rite strips.

Myca said...

She is so so cute. I LOVE the booty tooch. And my kids did the same thing with some buckets ALL last summer.

Kimmy said...

Love that girl!! I wonder when Elsie is going to realize that she got screwed when it comes to fashionable attire.

camery said...

"Bandage" I love that she uses such a grown-up word! Great post! Great momma! (hilarious typo)

Larry and Janice said...

Hmmm....."She is so energetic, dramatic, talkative, quizzative, expressive, and kind." Wonder who she sounds like?!! No doubt she comes by this quite naturally, right? Love and miss you two!

Colleen said...

Q is so totally awesome. I love that I can get to know her through your blog! She does sound a lot like her mama!