Thursday, February 4, 2010

I wanna be a dennnnn-tist.

Went to the dentist today.... 0 cavities once again. woo hoo.

I love going to the dentist. As long as can remember, the trips to the dentist have been regular (every 6 months). I remember as a small child going to the U of W dental school to have our check-ups. Getting the cool red tablets that you chew to see how dirty your teeth are, getting the free toothbrush...loved it all.
Throughout childhood we had the coolest dentist. Dr. Rossi. He and his assistants were so nice, so awesome. When I went through a period where the flouride would make me gag, the Hygienist would put it on with a Q-tip and then hold my lips away while it did it's work...awesome right?
Even going through years of braces, with all that comes with that. The tightenings, the mouth being pulled in all directions, the rubber bands, the impressions...everything not awesome...I still love getting stuff done to my teeth.
I think knowing my teeth are clean, healthy, and I gotta admit...having the dentist tell you how beautiful your teeth are every visit makes me feel kind of good.

I love the dentist.


Kimmy said...

Okay, so I'm going to brag along with you. Never had a cavity either!!

auntiescary said...

1st cavity when I lived with you guys - I was 27 and I cried. only 1 since then. we ar lucky girls!

dirty>south said...

did you even have any "cavities" from scam artist dentist in Bellevue? cuz i think i had like 20.

Diana Collins said... Bates girls...I'm pretty sure we keep our dentist in business. Damn Pepsi!! :)

Diana Collins said...

Feel free to delete that last comment. I'm not sure what your policy is on profanity in comments. :)

Earl Family said...

I wish I could share in your joy.

Dentists scare me almost as much as snakes.

Alissa Maxwell said...

Dr. Rossi is a friend of my parents! I think my mom even worked as a hygentist for him for a little bit back when we were kids. How strange is that??