Friday, October 5, 2012

Come with us and you will see this, our town of Halloween

Although Christmas may be my favorite holiday, Halloween is a close second. 1) it happens in Fall, my favorite season. 2) it involves dressing up in costume, and you know I love dressing up in costume. Plus I love seeing others dressed up, I remember even as a kid being excited to go to school on Halloween to see everyone's costumes. 3) it involves candy! I have a child who doesn't like peanut butter, so I am all to willing to help her out and eat any reeses pb cups that come her way. 4) Orange is my favorite color, and Halloween is full of orange. 5) the decorations for Halloween are so cool and creative. 

I was super pumped to do my Halloween crafts and get my shelves ready for the Haunting season. Here is what I came up with. 

Kim and I found the idea for these books on Pinterest, and they were all too easy to duplicate. It was super fun, finding creepy fonts, and cool paper to cover the $1 books with. 

There was a lot of options for Halloween printables, but I though this one based on the evil witch from Snow White and her poisoned apple was perfect. 

Of course, no Halloween shelf is complete without some potions. I found these spice jars and the $1 store, scoured the web for some cool labels, and glued them on, then I filled them up with "coffin nails", "graveyard dirt", "dragon scales", "vampire blood", and "snake venom".

I thought a creepy spider hanging out by the potions, would be a perfect addition. 

My Halloween door hanging. Just a cheap frame, painted, with a web, large spider, and black rose. I love it. 

My "porch" (aka outside my door). I added a couple new pumpkins this year, including the web one, the gold pushpin one, and the jack skeleton. Then I added some hay bales, rats, birds, skulls, tombstones, and a large spider web (all found at the $1 store-except the hay)

Saw the idea for this "witch parking" sign on Pinterest, and I did my twist on it. I found this cute witch's hat in the $2.50 bin at Target, and the broom was only $4 at Target as well. 

I got a wooden plague at Michael's for $1.50 ($2.99 with 50% off). painted it, then modge podged on the sign. 

Happy Halloween!!!!


Piper said...

WOW! Looks great!

Kristy said...

Best Halloween decorations ever! I really love the creepy books and potions. So awesome.