Tuesday, October 9, 2012

You make me sick...

Q woke up this morning with a cough and stuffy nose. I should have canceled her 4 year old check up, but I already rescheduled once so I decided to keep the appointment. I knew that she would most likely get a couple shots....but I didn't realize she would get a finger prick (I hate those too), and 4 or 5 shots(I lost track). She cried, but luckily she stayed still enough that they were over quick.

Poor girl Worst day ever.

Her hemoglobin was on the low/normal side so I was told to feed her some high iron foods...but I knew that there was only a slim chance that spinach and red meat would be a success in her eating, so instead we are opting for a daily iron pill to go with her daily chewable vitamins, and daily floride pill. Q is only 4, but I feel like she needs one of the medicine holders that old people have to remember their daily pill regimen.

Oh and my bad genetics may be coming into play for this girl. 1) She got a 20/40 in her right eye test and I was told to have an optometrist test her..so glasses may be in the future. and 2) Her tonsils are so huge they are touching each other, and I was given the name of an ENT to go see so he could look and see what he wants to do.  It's a good thing she is height and weight proportional or I would have a lot to be sorry for.

So now, after a warm bath and some tylenol, she is laying on the couch with a strawberry milkshake watching some movies. Here's hoping a little rest and relaxation is all she needs to feel better.


Kacey Nielsen said...

We are headed to the optometrist too! For Scarlet... I feel more guilty about it than I thought I would. The tonsils does not sound fun but catching it young has got to be better than tons of rounds of strep throat.

Piper said...

Poor Q, and poor mommy!! Harper's tonsils used to touch too. Getting her tonsils out sucked for about a week, BUT it made a HUGE difference! She sleeps better, because she can breathe, and she no longer gags on dumb stuff like yogurt. Good luck!

Colleen said...

Shots are no fun. Feel better Q! I am sure Qiana's dance moves are pretty awesome considering the family she comes from! And I love the Halloween shelf! CU-UTE!