Monday, April 8, 2013

We are Young....

I was in Mexico, when Jared sent us a message saying that he and LIndsay were surprising their kids with a trip to Disneyland for Spring Break, and that they were coming through Utah for a couple days to hang out. I was ecstatic! Kim told Q and Elsie, and everyone was super stoked. We've been planning a little Bates reunion in WA for June, so this little visit was just what we needed to last that long. Q loves being around all her cousins, and we all just have the best time hanging out.
Jared and crew got here on Thursday late afternoon, in time to see Q at her hula recital. We first hung out at the mall and let the kids run around a little bit, then headed to the recital. Q was beyond happy that she had such a big crowd there to see her perform. After her recital we all headed over to Slab Pizza in Provo for some yummy dinner. Man, that place is so delicious!!!

Friday we had met up after school for some Cafe Rio lunch and a little park time. The kids had a good time running around and playing. 

At Kim's house we let the kids just play as we sat and talked, ate, played games, and laughed. It was such a good time! We all even headed out to see Elsie play in her soccer game. The littler kids were so wore out by the end of the night that we found Q and Elsie fast asleep upstairs. That's always a sign of a very fun day!


melanie said...

I want my kids to be as close as you guys when they grow up! Looks like a great time, live the photos. You look fab Ang!

Kim said...

What a fun-filled day and a 1/2 we had!!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Ahhhhh, I'm like Melanie. What a great relationship you have all built with each other.

I like your food choices, too.