Monday, May 27, 2013

Up in the mornin' and out to school. The teacher is teachin' the Golden Rule...

Another school year has come to a close, and while most of Q's classmates will be moving on to Kindergarten, my SEptember birthday girl still has one more year of preschool to get through. She'll be doing another year at Center Stage Preschool, and her teacher is looking forward to having her. I think it'll be good for Q. She'll like the feeling of knowing the songs already and being top of the class, but she'll also enjoy being the "helper" and teaching the new kids. PLus it'll be good for her to get more solid on her knowledge of letters, numbers, she will be extra ready for Kindergarten. She just loves school, and has loved her teachers.
I love being able to go to all her school functions, and just love watching my little performer at her recitals.

After a year of her karate, she has now moved up to the orange belt. I gotta admit it's pretty cute watching her do her stuff.

Did you catch that "karate kid" crane kick? I was dying from cuteness. 

 For the ceremony, the kids were each given a chance to try and break a board. Q volunteered to go first (of course she did), and was quite proud of herself for getting it on the first try!

This year's dance and song theme was "the oldies", which I was a huge fan of. Look how cute her costume was!

When I was 5th grade, Kim, a couple friends, and I did a self choreographed dance to Rockin' Robin for the school talent show. I still remember part of the dance, and it wasn't nearly as adorable as this.

I love Q's facial expressions when she is dancing, she really gets into her performances. 

We are so happy that Kim and Elsie get to come watch her, Q always looks for Elsie in the crowd.
Now it's time for some summer fun!!


Kacey Nielsen said...

So cute! I didn't know she was doing karate, that is so fun! I really need to get Rhode in some stuff... Rhode is in for another year of preschool as well while all of his friends move on.

Kim said...

Her costume was so adorable!

Loved the Rockin' Robin dance, and, yes, she was much cuter!

Colleen said...

I think being the oldest in the class is WAY better than the youngest! Q is so dang adorable! What an amazing daughter you have!