Thursday, May 23, 2013

we like to party...

We've been able to hang out with some fun people these past couple months. Q and I love any excuse to get out and see people!

Q and Xeon.

Q and I joined Kim and Elsie and some other of our awesome family to watch Courtney dance ballroom for the last time. It is so fun to see, and Q loves her princess Courtney.

Kelsey's baby shower was a great way to hang out with the girl cousins, eat, talk, and have some fun! Good times!

my new favorite sign

My friend, Tamu, turned 40 and there was a surprise birthday party for her! Tamu loves the color orange, so we did a take on the "white party" and had an "orange party" instead. It turned out super cute! We had an amazing mexican food bar, dance party, photo booth with props, and lots of fun.

Zandra planned the whole thing...I just helped. 

me and the girls: mama. zandra, me, Tamu

Linh had a little get together, graduation party and Q and I went and hung out. When Allie and baby Nora arrived, Q couldn't get her hands on the little one fast enough...have I mentionned how much Q loves babies...

When I got a call from Daishan that she needed someone to watch her boys for a little bit while she went to check on Kelsey, I was more than excited...and so was Q. It was so funny, watching Q pick up the house and make more "Myles friendly". She was so worried that he would hurt himself, or put something in his mouth. The boys were a little shy at first, but it wasn;t long before we were watching a movie, playing with toys, playing games on my iphone, and having a little jam session.  PLus, i got some visiting time in with Daishan...and that always make me happy. 

street rockers 2nd generation: when we were younger kim, britney, daishan, and I made up a fake rock band called "the street rockers" and we would play instruments and sing to debbie gibson and poison this little scene made Daishan and I smile. 

Cousin Kelsey had her baby, and Q was anxious to go see her. She was quite irritated that she couldn't go when the baby came in the hospital. haha. We headed over to Kelsey and Jon's one afternoon, and got to see and hold baby Cosette and visit with Kelsey, JOn, Becky, and Jeff. It was wonderful. Q even got to perform a little bit for the crowd, so she was entertained. 


Kim said...

Street Rockers RULE!!

Anonymous said...

I love that sign too! Thank you so much keeping the was so great to see and catch up with me and watch the awesome "entertainment!" daishan

Anonymous said...

gees. Proofreading necessary! it was good to catch up with YOU! Daishan