Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mama...mama, you know I love you.

Lessons I learned from my mother:

Laughter makes everything better. Especially a loud laugh

A dance party is always the answer

Family time is the best time

Even bad memories, can become hilarious stories...if given enough time

Birthdays are important

Sing...even if you can't carry a's good for the soul

Traditions are important

Work can be fun...if you have the right people

It's all about the performance

Quality time makes the best memories

Celebrate accomplishments

Flowers brighten anyone's days

Families make the best cheerleaders

Always have a trip planned. It makes getting through the "day to day" a lot easier

Family is the most important thing.

Sometimes the search for Mr. Wonderful is harder than it seems.

Sometimes, a relaxing weekend with the ladies is just what you need.


Kim said...

All great lessons! You are always able to put into words just how I feel. Mom was awesome!

Some of these pictures are real gems! I haven't seen a few of these. That last picture of the three of us is really horrible of Mom and I. Thanks ;)

Piper said...

Love it! ALL of it!

Anonymous said...

I loved this. I love you.
There's no wondering why you're a great mom, you grew up with one of the best.


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

What a great post Angie! The pictures were so fun to see.

Colleen said...

Love your mom, and love this post!

Earl Family said...

I love this.

melanie said...

Love this post so much I had to come and look at it again (and finally comment). Your performance photo might be my favorite. Cutest little girl singing with her mama. Love it.

Kim said...

Just looked at this post again and your graduation picture caught my attention. Made me laugh out loud! Such a great story and picture to go along with it!