Saturday, April 26, 2014

I wanna have some fun

It's rare when Mommy gets to do what mommy wants to do, but recently I was lucky enough to do a few things that I really love....and even better I got to share them with people I love.

1. Boyz II Men came to Utah, and I of course was on it! Kimmie and I spent the evening having some yummy dinner and watching these awesome guys perform. It was such a fun night. The venue was standing room only, and while I usually prefer the comfort of a chair, it was really awesome to be so close to them! I mean I was like 5 people back from them. I was in heaven. I know I have said this before, but they are my favorite band of all time, and they continue to put on such great concerts. I am never disappointed!

2. Veronica Mars is one of my favorite tv series of all time. I was obsessed with it when it was on TV, I bought the dvd's when they were available, and watched them all the time. When it was cancelled I was devastated. I was gonna miss V Mars, bad boy Weevil, ever moody and hot Logan, geeky cool Mac, and the rest of the 09'ers. So when I heard they were going to make a movie I was so stoked! Like seriously. I even donated yeah I am that hardcore.  I was completely ready to see the movie on opening weekend on my own, or even download it and watch it at home, but when Kristy texted and said she had a group wanting to go, and asked if I wanted to join them I was so in! That night we packed in my van, and drove up to Layton to see the movie. The drive was so fun and we spent the time talking, laughing, and taking those "which gilmore man is your ideal mate" quizzes. When we saw the theater I was in heaven. Recliner chairs! Um yes please. The movie was everything I wanted it to be. I loved it. and it rekindled my obsession with both Logan and Weevil. The next day I downloaded the movie and have watched it a few times since, including rewatching all three seasons of V Mars. I may have a problem, but I don't care. 

3. Cali and I continued our tradition of Cousin date night and went to this yummy Native American restaurant. It is always so fun spending time with my cousin friend and just talk and hang out. The food was so delicious, but I think a little heavy for my body cause the next day I just did not feel well. But the night out was worth it! 

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